Fat Chick Phone Sex

Fat Chick Phone Sex


Looking for Fat Chick Phone Sex?

Don’t be afraid to try Fat Chick Phone Sex! Are you secretly a chubby chaser? Do you prefer your women like you like your steak…BIG? Skinny wife or girlfriend not doing it for you? Or do you love to pursue larger ladies but your a bit shy?

Maybe your cock likes a lady of the heavier persuasion. Hop aboard and ride my train of pleasure. My fat pussy & ass are ready and waiting for your call. Big full breasts ready to be squeezed sucked and fucked. Ready to phone fuck  a plump princess with endless curves?


Cum play in my Fat Chick Phone Sex.

Let me fulfill your Fat Chick Phone Sex fantasies. A nice round ass to hold on to while you drill my tightest fuck hole. Bend me over and let your Giantess dreams come true. More cushion for the pushing when we play!

No limits phone sex sluts like me know how to get you off! I love getting you excited. No taboos when we play. Bring your big load to me sexy. Check out my Free Phone Sex Stories on my blog when you want a warm up. My No Limits Phone Sex is $2 a minute with a 10 minute minimum in the USA and Canada.


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Kinky Cum Dumpster Phone Sex


Kinky Cum Dumpster Phone Sex

Kinky Cum Dumpster Phone Sex

You were ready for my Kinky Cum Dumpster Phone Sex! Ripping off my skin-tight dress as your large calloused hands touch every inch of my skin. Cupping my perky big tits in both hands as you kiss and suck on my neck. I love making you moan as I push my ass against your dick.

Rubbing that big piece of fuck meat between my pussy lips before you slide in deep. Your big cock fucking my fat pussy nice and slow. Your heavy balls slap my clit as you bend me over and pound me from behind. Filling and drilling my fat cunt nice and deep. Sizing up my fat ass as you spread my cheeks. Rubbing my shit hole with your thumb.


Slip into Kinky Cum Dumpster Phone Sex

It feels so good as you push in deeper. You Fill me up with every thrust as you fuck me hard into the mattress. Making me take it doggy style during Kinky Cum Dumpster Phone Sex. Lets all the hot and nasty things you’ve been dreaming of.

You hold my hips now as you pump me faster. Your cock getting ready to fill me with your cum. Mmm, pump all of your thick hot sperm deep inside of me as you hold me down. Grabbing handfuls of my thick hips and fat ass.  Then make me suck your cock ass to mouth. Lets get nasty when we play!


Fill me up with Kinky Cum Dumpster Phone Sex

I love having Kinky Cum Dumpster Phone Sex. Your dick is still hard and throbbing inside of me as you put me on my back. Take out your fat cock and stroke it in your hands. I want to watch you stroke your fat veined throbbing cock right in front of me.

It makes me so hot watching you twitch as you jerk it for me. Give me a facial sexy! Cover me in all you jerk off juice! Cum sluts like me  crave your cum.  Kinky cum dumpsters like me crave your cock milk. I’m so hungry for your jizz juice. Feed me you creamy nut.


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Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex

Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex

Got a craving for Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex?

I know you sneak into Mommy’s room at night. My horny boy is looking for Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex. You get right into  bed with me completely naked. When  you think I’m fast asleep you pull off  your shorts.

Being super quiet so you won’t get caught. Your fat cock craves my hungry mommy pussy. Daddy is rarely home, you know he is fucking other women. So you decide if he gets to fuck other girls you get to fuck mommy!


Let me give you Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex.

I begin to moan as you touch and tease me. At first I think you are your father. I begin to call your dads name. Then as my eyes open I realize its my son. Before I can protest you put your hand over my mouth.

“Shut up mommy and take this fat dick!”  Putting your hard cock between my pussy lips. I wake up to Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex. Your hungry mouth & dick making me moan. Mommy is so greedy. She loves lots of cock.


Lets have Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex together.

Your dick hard as a rock as you spread my big fat thighs. You get on top of me with your hard young dick. When I try say no you hold me down. I’m too big to run and your so much stronger than me.

I can’t run or fight. I am helpless & forced to take your hot hard young dick! Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex feels so good. Your dick gets bigger as your  thick cock slides inside of my cunt.


Give me your Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex.

“Take my dick mommy take it deeper!” Your dick pumping in and out of my fat pussy, as you play with mommy’s big breasts. Leaning down you start to lick and suck on my big pink nipples.

You have been waiting to hump mommy all day. You love my big fat warm squishy body. Your cock throbs as you fill me up with your young cock. I know your balls are so heavy with cum. Mommy’s fat pussy is all for you.


Fuck mommy hard during Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex.

Fuck mommy harder! Mommy needs your hard young dick to get off. Slide in and out of your mommy’s hot fat juicy pussy nice and slow. Make mommy get on her hands and knees. Her fat round ass and fat thighs spread wide for you.

Pulling mommy’s hair, making her take your big hard young cock! You might degrade mommy too. Call me a dirty fuck pig & a big fat slut! Pounding your cock into mommy’s big fat wet cunt.


Impregnate mommy during Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex

Cum Craving Mommy Phone SexYou love the noises my juicy fat pussy makes as you fuck me hard.  I know you want to fill slutty mommy deep with your seed. You want to impregnate your mommy, don’t you? Fucking me better than your father does.

Rubbing your hands over my big fat ass as you slap it. Making me cum like a good boy!. What a good son you are for mommy, giving me all your hot cum. You don’t stop there. You make slutty mommy open her big fat mouth to clean off your cock.


Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex makes you feel good.

Tasting my sweet juices from your dick. Licking all my love juice off your balls. What a good whore I am! You can make mommy do whatever you want. Mommy loves submitting to her horny son. Call me for more Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex!

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Fat cock sucker phonesex

Fat cock sucker phonesex

Looking for a Fat cock sucker?

I am in the mood for Fat cock sucker phonesex. When I saw you get out of the shower this morning I just couldn’t help myself. That towel wrapped loosely around your hips could barely hide that huge cock between your thighs. I can see the tip start to peek out at me as I keep staring.

You let the towel drop to the floor and I can’t help but lick my lips, thinking about how good you would feel in my hungry mouth. Craving a Warm and sensuous lady. Looking for a slut who is soft and inviting? Do you like Big bellies, fat asses and huge tits? I jiggle in all the right places. More than a mouthful and ready for you!

Every man wants a Fat cock sucker to play with.

Fat cock sucker phonesexAs a Fat cock sucker I have a bit of an oral sex fixation, you see. When I see your big throbbing cock I can’t stop myself from getting wet. Walking over with your cock in hand, you tell me to get down on my hands and knees.

You put that throbbing cock right in front of my little cock-hungry mouth. Taking you in I start to lick and suck you like a lollipop.  My mouth was made for your dick during Fat cock sucker phonesex.

I am your cum addicted cock slurping slut! My pouty lips gripping your dick nice and slow as I look in your eyes. Licking your balls in circles like a dirty whore. You can tell i’m enjoying it. cock sucking whores like me love dick.


Fat Cock Sucker drains you dry to the last drop!

Tasting every inch of you as I start to lick and suck on your balls before taking every inch of your shaft in my mouth. You are so big I can’t take all of you so I start toPussy Eating Phonesex squeeze you between my big tits.

Mmm, when you fuck my big tits it feels so good as you thrust in and out of my mouth. What a good Fat cock sucker I am!

I’m a bigger girl with a big appetite for creamy cum! Feed me every drop of your thick juicy jerk of juice. Bend me over and spread my cheeks first. Pump my tight ass hole full of your dick.

Then put me on my knees to clean my ass juice off your cock. I love it ass to mouth. I will be your submissive fuck pig. Begging to take every inch of your dick deep in all my holes.



Once you go fat you don’t go back!

Your cock is twitching and throbbing so hard when I suck you, and you know exactly BBW Slut Meganwhat I want. I need that hot cum you have for me. I am a Fat cock sucker! Use me like your cum guzzling BBW slut and I want to taste every drop of that hot cum in my mouth.

Feed me your rich salty sweet creamy cum baby, you know I can’t get enough. And bring some of your hard friends with you next time too. BBW Sluts like me love all the dick I can get. I can’t wait to give you a no limits experience. Spill your secrets and your seed when we play! I am a kinky busty BBW blonde who is down for fun!   Slap my fat ass and fill all my holes when you call me for Fat cock sucker phonesex.  


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Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex


Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex Have you craving MILFS Cougars & Mature babes?

Ready for Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex? I am a dominant, gorgeous, tattooed BBW phone sex cougar! My name is Amanda and my round curves, sultry voice & kinkyVoluptuous Cougar Phone Sex mind is addictive!  As a cuckold wife My husband knows he can’t fully placate me.

Cuckold cougar mistresses like me need young hard bull cocks that can pump for hours! Smaller dicks that can only last a few minutes can’t really get me off. However there are other ways cucks like you & my husband can serve me.

I will put your mouth to good work. Sucking my toes & licking my perfect cunt & ass! Feeding you my creampie pussy and ass after I am freshly fucked. Telling you all about how that bigger younger bull cock really rocked my world.


I tease & please during Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex!

I am always teasing my neighbors and everyone I meet. Between the eager waiters  & bar tenders at the cafe’s & clubs I frequent, to salesmen who assist me at my favorite stores. College boys also make for a fun Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex pursuit. Whenever I am in my husbands law office I am sure to seduce his interns as well.

All those young wannabe legal interns and paralegals want a shot at fucking their bosses wife. Keeping my husbands private office ever busy entertaining my newest flavor of the week. Don’t think my husband doesn’t know. My cuck husband gets off on hearing all my dirty deeds. Sometimes even helping me hunt down vulnerable young bulls to seduce.


Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex for me men who crave fat pussy!

My fat pussy is like a flower dripping with honey. Every man I meet is a hungry bee begging for some nectar. Of course you want to entertain my hungry married cunt. Licking my chubby pussy & fat ass with your eager tongue. But lets face it size matters. I only let cocks that can reach the belly button go to pound town. Little shriveled cocks that barely reach the half way point just won’t do.

So before you even consider fucking my perfect pussy best let the ruler determine your worth. Anything below 8 inches makes you a cuck while anything above makes you a bull. For those with 10+ consider yourself an alpha male. Only Alpha males can make me submissive. Everyone serves me one way or another.


Cucks love to serve me during Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex!

Cucks serve on their knees while Bulls get ridden. Only Alphas can bend me over and take all my holes. I admit I’m a bit of a size queen. I love my fuck meat light and dark. I’m an equal opportunity slut. When your ready for Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex call me!

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