Cock Hungry Phone Sex

Cock Hungry Phone Sex


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I’m sizing up your big dick! Mistress needs Cock Hungry Phone Sex. My mouth salivates at the bulge in your pants. My lips & tongue long to toy with your mushroom head. Soft lips desire planting kisses and licks upon your balls.

I follow your raging erection with my eyes. Look at what a  cock hungry phone sex slut I am! You can see me eye fucking you, undressing you  while I lick my lips. Waiting with anticipation for you to submit to me. Taking my time to prolong both of our anticipation.


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Unzip your pants nice and slow. Your Cock Hungry Phone Sex Mistress longs to tease &tempt you. Feasting my eyes upon your throbbing fuck stick. Taking you  inside my mouth nice & slow. My luscious lips welcome your dick. Long Pink Tongue sliding up and down your cock.

Rubbing your cock all over my face. Relishing the sweet scent of your cock and balls. Running my tongue up the crack of your ass. Nibbling around your purple mushroom head. Flicking my tongue down your shaft. Making you sigh with anticipation of what is to come.

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You have always desired a Cock Hungry Phone Sex Mistress! A dick addicted mistress who loves edge play. Someone who prolongs your pleasure to perfection. Teasing and tempting you. Keeping you on pins and needles. Shifting from side to side in your seat.

Mistress is a cock hungry slut hungry for your dick. My fat tits hanging down as I tease you. My plump pussy getting hot and wet. Who needs those skinny girls anyway. Thick girls are much more fun. We know exactly how to please you and get the job done!


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I own your orgasm. You will cum when I permit your ejaculation. Enjoy the sensation of your full balls aching. Gasping with delight as your dick twitches and pulsates. When You finally get to cum its so intense. Like an electric shock that relaxes your entire body but better.

Once I have granted you permission to ejaculate your entire body relaxes. Every single muscle releases all that tension from the day. You feel completely brand new from head to toe. I have suckled all the stress from your cock and balls. Now Mistress grants you a well deserved nap. Until next time….When we meet again.

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BBW Phone Sex

BBW Phone Sex

BBW Phone Sex

When your tired of  Skinny Girls try a real BBW Phone Sex Woman! No doll or fake tits here! I am 100% real woman. These big fat soft floppy fun bags are all mine. Just like these creamy white thick thighs. Who wants  a bag of bones to fuck!

When you want a big soft woman to grab with your big strong hands give me a call! My big tits fat ass and puffy pussy never disappoint. I won’t lead you wanting like those skinny bitches do! I want to get off as much as you do. Pumping my pussy while we play on the phone.


BBW Phone Sex Cuckolding

Cuckolding my phone lovers with BBC Phone Sex. You love to watch me taking lots of big black cock. My pussy getting stretch with big fat dicks. Lusting as I cream over each and every single one. Your mouth salivates for my fat juicy creampie!

Are you longing to worship everything that comes in and out of my fat juicy cunt? Creampie licking I got you. Do you have some naughtier fantasies? Golden Showers perhaps? Long for me to pee all over your face and down your throat? Dream of my golden juices? Call me I am so here for you!


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Your hard dick throbs as you watch me take ebony cock. My white cunt opening up like a flower. Pounded by chocolate cocks relentless. Watching as I grab the sheets and take BBW Phone Sex hard and deep!

Do you bring big black men home to fuck me? Or do you prefer to fuck me with your big fat cock instead? I love all dick of every size age and color. Experiencing all flavors of cock gives me more to enjoy. Are you the young man who fucks my fat puffy cunt? Or the older man who teaches me a thing or two?


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Cum All Over My Big Tits Phone Sex chest! After I take all those big black dicks you need to bust a nut. You love devouring my creampie as you edge yourself. Pumping my sloppy fat cunt full of another lovers cum. Feeling how squishy my cunt feels after getting fucked hard.

Or do you prefer to keep me all for yourself? Though I am dominate I can be submissive as well. Want to put your mistress on her knees? I am ever so hungry for cock. Ready and willing to suck every inch of your dick. Devouring every drop of your hot thick cum!


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Or perhaps your not permitted to fuck me for your not worthy! Do I keep your little dick in a cage? Rendering you a dick-less cuck in Chasity? Making you prep my lovers for me and clean them up too? Gleaning every drop of jerk off juice sperm from my creampie?

Have a BBW mommy phone sex fantasy? Want me to feed you with my big lactating tits? Massaging your big boy cock as mommy breast feeds you! Its ok to cum for mommy. Mommy loves massaging all that baby batter out of your hard dick! You don’t need anyone but mommy!


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Looking into my beautiful face & covering it with your splooge.  BBW phone sex will spoil your cock. I will ruin you for other women so completely. Never again will you crave  a skinny bitch again.

I will fulfill all your needs an more. When the wife girlfriend or date says no call me! Be in control of your sex life! I will be some of the best money you have ever spent! I don’t play games (unless you like them). I am ready when you are and never have a headache. My sex pussy is red hot and ready when you call!


BBW Phone Sex Decadence

Only fat curvy sluts will thrill you. Tempted by our thick thighs big tits and big ass. Feeling up our big soft bodies with your hands. Large girls definitely know how to fuck! Bigger girls give bigger thrills. Stop playing with skinny sluts who leave you wanting!

You deserve better than women who don’t put out. Stop wasting your time with girls who barely talk and just moan. I know you want to make a real phone sex connection. I really play with my pussy. Just ask and I’ll let you listen!  You will know that I am really fucking myself for you!


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My  big natural tits are more than a mouthful! Big enough to smother your face between. Don’t you deserve the best? Bigger really is better ! Indulge in my  BBW phone sex decadence! I love spoiling all my callers with some of the best in phone sex.

I bring desire, passion and experience to the table. With me its hot passionate open minded and kinky. I love what I do and it shows! I will never be mechanical phone sex is my passion! I can’t wait to turn on my vibrator and rub my clit for you. Don’t worry you can hear it when we play!

I can’t wait to put the phone down between my legs and let you hear me masturbate. Those hot wet sloppy noises are sure to get your cock rock hard! I’m talk and action! When you call me I am having just as much fun as you are!


BBW Phone Sex fun!

I am a curvy, voluptuous raven haired mistress. Dominate daring sexy large and in charge! Just the way you like me. I have an open mind with lots of experience. BBW phone sex will fulfill all your fantasies!

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Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex


Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex Have you craving MILFS Cougars & Mature babes?

Ready for Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex? I am a dominant, gorgeous, tattooed BBW phone sex cougar! My name is Amanda and my round curves, sultry voice & kinkyVoluptuous Cougar Phone Sex mind is addictive!  As a cuckold wife My husband knows he can’t fully placate me.

Cuckold cougar mistresses like me need young hard bull cocks that can pump for hours! Smaller dicks that can only last a few minutes can’t really get me off. However there are other ways cucks like you & my husband can serve me.

I will put your mouth to good work. Sucking my toes & licking my perfect cunt & ass! Feeding you my creampie pussy and ass after I am freshly fucked. Telling you all about how that bigger younger bull cock really rocked my world.


I tease & please during Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex!

I am always teasing my neighbors and everyone I meet. Between the eager waiters  & bar tenders at the cafe’s & clubs I frequent, to salesmen who assist me at my favorite stores. College boys also make for a fun Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex pursuit. Whenever I am in my husbands law office I am sure to seduce his interns as well.

All those young wannabe legal interns and paralegals want a shot at fucking their bosses wife. Keeping my husbands private office ever busy entertaining my newest flavor of the week. Don’t think my husband doesn’t know. My cuck husband gets off on hearing all my dirty deeds. Sometimes even helping me hunt down vulnerable young bulls to seduce.


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My fat pussy is like a flower dripping with honey. Every man I meet is a hungry bee begging for some nectar. Of course you want to entertain my hungry married cunt. Licking my chubby pussy & fat ass with your eager tongue. But lets face it size matters. I only let cocks that can reach the belly button go to pound town. Little shriveled cocks that barely reach the half way point just won’t do.

So before you even consider fucking my perfect pussy best let the ruler determine your worth. Anything below 8 inches makes you a cuck while anything above makes you a bull. For those with 10+ consider yourself an alpha male. Only Alpha males can make me submissive. Everyone serves me one way or another.


Cucks love to serve me during Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex!

Cucks serve on their knees while Bulls get ridden. Only Alphas can bend me over and take all my holes. I admit I’m a bit of a size queen. I love my fuck meat light and dark. I’m an equal opportunity slut. When your ready for Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex call me!

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Curvy Slut Phone Sex

Curvy Slut Phone Sex

I am your Curvy Slut Phone Sex Mistress! I am that Goth Raven haired BBW you’ve always wanted to fuck! You will find me edgy erotic dominant  & kinky. The kind of slut fantasies are made of! I am a no taboos no restrictions no limits Mistress! The one you have been longing for.

Let me indulge your Curvy Slut Phone Sex cravings I know exactly what you need. No more going without. Whether its a hot session with candle wax, or toys. Face sitting femdom could be what your after. Maybe you like to wear silky panties on your dick. Lets do whatever feels good.

I am your dominant Curvy Slut Phone Sex slut that has you cumming back for more! I will be that fat girl phone sex you can’t get enough of! With my natural DDD’s for you to worship. I will  push them in  your face to suck or fuck your cock with them or both.

No more guessing! Call me if you dare, fair warning you might get  addicted. My phone sex will cast a spell on your body mind & soul. You will find yourself craving my kinky mind & seductive voice that will purr in your ear & call to your dick. My callers tell me they find an orgasm without me becomes empty. Phone sex with me is often better than real sex. Pleasure is all in the mind.  I have the experience, ability & desire to give you exactly what you need!

Never fear I have seen and heard it all nothing you can say will shock me. I will love  indulge all your kinky wild fantasies & fetishes.  When you’re looking for a no taboo phone sex Mistress to commit too. A real woman who knows how to make you cum! Then Call &  experience the quality of my Curvy Slut Phone Sex!

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Masturbation Phone Sex

Masturbation Phone Sex


During Masturbation Phone Sex I’m so wet for you! I’ve been thinking about you all night long! Dipping my fingers & toy in my hot wet cunt. Rubbing my button clit. Teasing & pleasing my self dreaming about your touch. Rubbing & sucking on my own nipples. I need a horny man who longs to make me cum!

Masturbation phone sex  is so much fun with my callers. Why play by myself when we can play together.  I can’t wait to hear you stroking your dick for me. Tell me all your dirty fantasies. I have been thinking about your hard dick! Fantasizing about how good you taste in my mouth.  How good you would feel deep in side my pussy & ass. Pounding me hard until we both cum! I can’t wait for us to get off together!

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BBW Worship Phone Sex

BBW Worship Phone Sex

Bow down for BBW Worship Phone Sex! I love taking control of submissive men. My favorite callers are men who live for the pleasure of being my bottom bitch! When you call me I’m the dominate Female and your the subby cuck! All the phone sex I offer has a dominate feel.  Don’t try to tame me I am a real mistress and bow to no one.

Know your place when you call me for BBW Worship Phone Sex! So many of you little dick losers  don’t have enough cock to satisfy me. Your attempts to seduce me over the phone is laughable. I get off on dominating you. Showing you the true power of femdom. Dressing you in panties and fucking you with my strapon. Bending you over and pegging you like the beta cuck bottom bitch you are!  You call me for  humiliation phone sex  to mock your little cock. You whom can’t satisfy a woman with your  tiny pin dick.

I’ve seen clits bigger than your cock will ever be. So lets cut to the chase! Bend over and spread your man pussy for me. I’m going to lay you down like a beta bitch and fuck you like a whore. You’ll love my big fat strapon pegging you. Fucking you deep down inside. Bottom out in your tight ass hole. I want you to buy panties with the cock covered and the back cut out. I don’t even want to look at your tiny little dick. I want you to devour my cunt ! Eat my pussy until I cum squirt & piss in your mouth. Rim my ass sticking your tongue deep inside my tightest hole! Then I want to bend you over. Fucking  your tight little fuck hole till you cry.

If your truly obedient I might let you jerk off in your sissy panties. Jerking off in the silky lacy fabric. Making your sissy panties all dirty and nasty. Of course you will lick your own jerk off juice out of the crotch because your a freak! Embrace it. Bow down and worship my cunt. Then when I don my strapon on your knees to deep throat. Make that dick nice and wet for your tight little ass again during BBW Worship Phone Sex!

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Cuckold Milf Phone Sex

Cuckold Milf Phone Sex

Your dick rises for my Cuckold Milf Phone Sex! You look forward to helping me get ready. Mommy needs bigger cocks. Your father never could satisfy me. You love helping me slide into the sexiest of out fits. Driving me to one of my favorite clubs. Hanging out  as I grind up on and tease men with big black dick!

You watch us make out from your review mirror. Big black hands feeling up my huge breasts. Pulling one of my massive milky tits out to have a good suck. You can hear their fingers sliding in and out of my wet pregnant pussy. The smell of my well fingered cunt is so distracting. It takes every bit of restraint not to wreck the car.

Normally I shoo you off to your room but tonight I let you watch. Its time you learn about Cuckold Milf Phone Sex. Intrigued by your unbridled desire to see me get fucked. You sit in a chair of my room and watch a well hung stranger undress me. Laying me down on my back and spreading my legs. Burying his face into my wet cunt. My sweet moans as he devours my juicy cunt with his hungry mouth.

I see you shift in your chair as he pulls out his big black dick! Oh my see something you like? Why don’t you get that cock ready for me. Slide that big hard ebony dick into your mouth. Make it nice and wet for mommies cunt! Your hungry mouth sliding up and down on that big fat dick. How long you have ached for a real cock in your mouth.

You beg to jerk off but you listen to mommy. Mommy tells you to sit down and watch me get fucked. Pre cum drips out of your dick as you salivate like a hungry dog. Sitting obediently as my plump pussy gets fed 11 inches of big black cock. No.. don’t touch yourself, your time will cum soon!

Now that mommy is all filled with cum you may kneel at my bed side. Lick my freshly fucked pregnant creampie while mommy sucks that ebony dick clean. Then after my lover is done fucking me you may climb on top of mommy and fuck me. Fuck me hard while you suck my milky lactating tits! My fat pussy slick from all the cum still inside me. The cum that hides deep in my pussy where your tongue can’t reach. Feeling the cum of a well hung black man lubing up your young dick with every thrust.

That’s a good boy fuck mommy’s sloppy wet well fucked cunt. Mommy’s Cuckold Milf Phone Sex feels so good! As you fuck me my lover gets hard again. Holds your hips and rapes your tight little young ass. You cry in pain as he takes your ass cherry and sodomizes your fuck hole. But you don’t want him to stop do you? The pain hurts so good! That’s it take that big dick up your ass like a faggot while you fuck me! Your hard cock throbbing as you shoot your big load into mommy’s well fucked cunt.

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Cheating Phone Sex

Cheating Incest Phone Sex


Cheating Phone Sex hits close to home. Mom won’t fuck her BF anymore, so her BF fucks me! He loves picking me up from school and taking me out when she is away. She is on a business trip right now too. Mom’s BF takes me to the bed as he takes off all of my clothes and puts me on all fours. He starts to eat and suck my wet pussy, licking up my honey. I hear him unzip his pants as he takes his fat cock out. Pushing it inside of my tight pussy, thrusting in balls deep. He tells me that my pussy is so much tighter than my mom’s. He grabs my hips as he fucks me hard. His cock pushing in deeper inside as he hits the back of my cunt.

My mom’s bf was so hot for my Cheating Phone Sex. His cock throbbing hard dick pounding me hard inside as his balls slap against my clit. His balls feel so good when they smack my clit hard. He loves fucking me so deep. Sitting me on his dick now as he fondles my breasts. Pumping me so hard as I bounce on his cock. Mom’s BF always knew he wanted my pussy. And now he gets to cheat on my mom with me. Call me for more fun! Wife or GF giving you the cold shoulder? Hot date not put out? Take your power back when we play! Stop begging for pussy and give me a ring. I will do everything miss nice won’t.

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Bi Curious Phone Sex

Bi Curious Phone SexYou found out about our Bi Curious Phone Sex threesome. Coming home from the bar, you notice that all the lights are off. You walk up the stairs to see the bedroom door open, with the lights on. Peeking inside, you see my girlfriend and I in bed with her on top of me. You watch as we make out together in nothing but our panties and thigh-high stocking.

Exciting isn’t it, to watch two sexy women together like this. I know you are getting hard while you watch her grind against my thigh. Take your cock out as you stroke it with your hands, Enjoying Bi Curious Phone Sex while I pull her panties to the side as I tease her clit. My fingers find their way into her sopping wet honey pot as I slide them in and out of her cunt. Looking up at you, we invite you over. Come into bed with us darling and play, you know you want to.

I can see your hungry gaze as you watch us play with each other. Come lick her pussy clean as I sit down on your fat cock. You pound my tight cunt so hard as I ride you like a stallion, bouncing up and down on you to meet your thrusts. Fucking you feels so good when you are inside of me thrusting away. Now lick up her honey while I cum on your thick throbbing fuck stick. How about round two?

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Ass Eating Phone Sex

Ass Eating Phone Sex

Ass Eating Phone Sex

During Ass Eating Phone Sex You watch me from the doorway as I do my squats. My thick round ass slowly going up and down every time. Looking over I see you watching me with a naughty smirk on your lips. Licking those full lips as you wink at me. Sauntering over to me as you get behind me and start to rub my big, fat ass with both hands. Pressing against me so I can feel your fat cock between my ass cheeks.

You lay against me until we are both bent over the bed. Sliding down my back, you pepper my body with kisses. Until you are on your knees behind me, slowly pulling my Leggings and panties down. Holding me there by my hips as your hot tongue starts to taste my tight sweaty ass. Slowly pushing your tongue inside of me as you spread me open.

Sliding your tongue in deeper as you eat my hot fat ass. Thrusting your tongue in hard as your chin grinds against my clit. Making me moan as you keep eating my fat sweaty creamy fuck hole. Making me cum hard as you dig deep inside. Now I need something bigger inside of me baby.

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