Daddy’s Curvy Slut

Daddy’s Curvy Slut Brittney!

I just love being Daddy’s Curvy Slut phone sex princess! My daddy loves all the attention I give him! Making daddy feel like  the king makes me so happy. I’ll do anything to please him. He loves every inch of my curvy soft natural body.

My pussy is always so wet for daddy! Mommy never took care of daddy. I eagerly stepped up to the plate. Teasing tantalizing his cock and balls whenever she’s away. We do everything together. All kinds of kinky roleplays and fetishes too.



Daddy doesn’t need mommy anymore!

I became Daddy’s Curvy Slut. It was hard all those years. Watching daddy stroke his big bone alone. He works so hard for us. And she couldn’t even give him a decent blow job. Thats ok I got you daddy! Your never going to be alone again. Don’t worry about mommy! You don’t need her anymore now that you have me.

One day on daddy’s birth day I surprised him. Woke him up with my puffy young lips wrapped around his dick. He was so surprised. Daddy couldn’t believe his daughter was sucking his big fat cock. It took him awhile to wake up. I bet he thought he was dreaming.


Daddy’s incest birthday surprise.

Daddy tried to tell me to stop during Daddy’s Curvy Slut Phone sex.. But I didn’t listen. I really wanted to make my daddy cum hard! He couldn’t believe I was sucking his cock. Looking up at him with my big innocent eyes.

Daddy moaned really loud and shot lots of cum in my mouth. I swallowed every drop. He was pretty speechless.  Then one night daddy got lonely and came into my room. Mommy was asleep ignoring him again.

Daddy was on the edge of my bed. Rubbing my puffy pussy. I got really wet. Soon I came all over his fingers. Then he put his big cock in my tight wet pussy. I had to be really quiet. I came all over daddy’s huge cock.

Daddy’s Curvy Slut is waiting.

At night I became Daddy’s Curvy Slut. He would stay up and wait for mommy to go to sleep. Then he’d come into my room and lock the door. Crawling naked under the covers with me. I never wear clothing anymore. Always ready to take his big hard fat dick.

I love the way daddy wakes me up for oral sex. Sometimes I wake up to daddy deep inside me. Fucking my hot wet young cunt hard and deep. We have to be super quiet so mommy doesn’t catch us. I’m on the pill so daddy can cum deep inside me whenever he wants.


I’m always there for daddy!

Being Daddy’s Curvy Slut has its privledges. Daddy makes me orgasm alot. I’m so spoiled and happy. Getting sex whenever I want it. I hate it when mommy comes home. Sometimes we have to make excuses to leave the house.

Going to the office or his cabin to play. Sometimes we take a nice long drive in his old van. Parking  at  a truck stop. Daddy and I get in the back and fuck. Its so much fun. Sometimes daddy plays porn on his phone for me.

We love trying out different positions in the back of his van. Sometime we pretend I’m a babysitter. Other times we roleplay I’m his student. Daddy and I have lots of fun. We play all kinds of kinky nasty games together.


Daddy’s Curvy Slut goes to work.

I was Daddy’s Curvy Slut at work. Every weekend I go to the office with daddy. He has his own private office. We can lock the door. I love dressing up like a big girl. He buys me sexy dresses suits and heels so I look like a hot secretary.

Mommy thinks I’m doing some kind of unpaid internship for college credits. Little does she know what we really do there. I roleplay as his sexy secretary. He get so hard checking me up and down. Wearing heels make me feel so grown up. Especially the expensive ones.

He always dresses me up. I  dress way better than mommy now. Daddy spends all his money on me. Dressing me up like his little doll. Taking me to the mall and the department stores. He even takes me to Victoria secret.  Buying me all the sexy lingerie he wants me to wear for him.


We have the office all to ourselves.

Very few people are there during the weekend. I sit under his desk on a pillow. Licking and teasing his dick for hours. Teasing daddy’s dick is lots of fun. He always makes me pay though. His angry red dick gets veined and thick.

When daddy has enough he lays me on the desk. Fucking  my hard in my tight young cunny. Daddy can fuck me for hours. He even got  special medicine. Fucking me hard for hours. Creaming in all my holes.  It’s fun being Daddy’s Curvy Slut.

His office has a soft couch to fuck on too. When we are the only ones in the building we have lots of fun. Daddy turns porn on the big tv in his office. We can be really load after 9 pm. Because no one is there but us. Thats when daddy fucks me the hardest. Mommy wonders why we cum home so sweaty. Do you think she knows?


I became daddy’s dirty dick tease!

Voluptuous Phone Sex SlutSoon I was walking around the house in next to nothing. Loving being Daddy’s Curvy Slut. Leaving the doors open when I showered & undressed.

I Wanted daddy’s dick to be hard for me all the time. Daddy began paying me alot of attention. Mommy noticed & it really pissed her off. Too bad so sad Mommy! He’s my daddy now!

Daddy will never fuck your used up cunt again! The only pussy daddy wants now is mine. My hot young puffy pussy feels so good on his dick. So tight and snug not stretched out like mommy’s.


No one makes me feel as good as daddy does!

The boys at school didn’t appreciate my curves but daddy always did. Every day afterChubby Tits Phone Sex school we had lots of time before mommy get home. We got in his truck and drove to his secret cabin in the woods. Where I was free to be Daddy’s Curvy Slut.

Daddy would lay me on the bed and lick my pussy while I sucked his dick. It felt so good to feel daddy’s wet tongue inside my young cunt! I would buck my hips against his face while he devoured my young cunny. Creaming all over daddy’s face.

I remember the first time daddy shot a big load on my face. His dick was so hard. He rubbed his cock all over my mouth and forehead. then he began stroking his dick nice and slow. Shooting cum on my lips. Telling me to lick it off. He loves making movies of us. Especially when I suck his cock. Watching me suck his cock slowly on repeat while I ride his cock drives him crazy.


Mommy is so jealous of me now!

Daddy's Curvy Slut

Mommy could never make him feel like I do. I got huge tits and a nice round ass to tempt and tease daddy with. His big cock stays rock hard for me all the time.

Mommy gets so jealous! She has no idea the reason he isn’t fucking her anymore is because of me. I am taking all of daddy’s attention! Being Daddy’s Curvy Slut all the time! He loves it too.

I go out of my way to make daddy happy. Mommy is furious  he gives me all his attention. She used to ignore him. Now she is competing with me. But he doesn’t want her any more. I’m so much hotter than mommy is.


My Daddy always spoils me!

The best daddy’s show me lots of appreciation. They know Daddy’s Curvy Slut loves being spoiled. They spend lots of time with me andChubby Chaser Phone Sex send me tributes. I get lots of emails from them. Telling me all the nasty dirty things they want to do to me next!

It really makes my cunny wet to hear what your into. Email me your fantasies! I can’t wait  to find out what makes you tick! My hot wet young pussy needs your dick so bad daddy!

I really need to hear from you. Sometimes I’ll even write about your one of your fantasies in my blog. I love teasing you every chance I get. Write to Daddy’s Curvy Slut and share your fantasies fetishes and roleplays.  Maybe I’ll pick your idea and write about it next!


My sister plays with Daddy too!

One day my sister wanted to also be Daddy’s Curvy Slut. She walked in on us. She was barely legal and still a virgin. She was so curious. She promised not to tell mommy if we let her in on the fun.

Now Daddy and My sister and I play together. I taught her everything she knows about incest phone sex. It was so much fun to show my sister how to suck her first cock! She is a good cock sucker for daddy too.

When we fuck daddy together it feels so good. We take turns with daddy’s face and cock.  Fucking daddy until we all cum hard! We also love toys. He gets us all kinds of vibrators and dildos. Sometimes we put on a show for daddy to jerk off to.


I am Daddy’s Curvy Slut & I love to fuck!

Do you have Daddy’s Curvy Slut phone sex fantasies? Daddy gets so hard when his princess comes home, wearing my school uniform. Hot young school girl to make daddy hard! The short skirt brushes my thighs while my white button-down is open to show my big perky breasts.

When I walk over to you daddy, I can feel your eyes undress me. Your hands slide up the back of my thighs as you grab my plump ass from under my skirt. Of course I will sit on your lap daddy! Slide my panties to the side and finger my juicy young pussy. Push your cock deep inside my pussy & ass.

Sometimes I don’t even wear panties under my skirt. I love to sit on daddy’s lap with nothing underneath. He loves to grab my hips and pump me full of his cum. Sometimes he turns me around and puts it in my ass. He loves watching his dick slide in and out of my tight butthole.


What kind of Daddy daughter roleplays are you into?

When I’m Daddy’s Curvy Slut we can get really kinky. We can enjoy all kinds of taboo fantasies on the phone. Want to pop my cherry pussy? Teach me about the birds and the bees? Make me a woman today? Turn me into your loyal loving cock sucker?

What do you want me to wear daddy? Lingerie or my cheer leading uniform? Maybe I put on my other uniform. Knock on the door and pretend to sell you cookies.  Tell me exactly what I have to do get you to buy them all *wink.

First you ask for my panties. Then you sniff them because you love the smell of young pussy. Then I suck your cock for the first time. And you look deep in my eyes as you blow your load. Thats how all my cookies get sold that day.


Teach me about sex daddy!

Wanna break in my nice round fat ass? Teach me about anal daddy. Daddy’s Curvy Slut needs a big dick in her young butt hole. Imagine my first anal experience with you. My tight little ass hole wrapped around your dick.

Watching your cock slide in and out of my sexy round ass. Your hands on my hips as you fuck me hard. Stretch my tight virgin ass out with your hard incest cock. Pump me full of every single hard fat inch.

Do you cum in my butt hole daddy? Or do you put me on my knees to suck your cock? Wanna go ass to mouth? I love being good for daddy. Ill do anything to please you. Licking all my ass juice off of your big fat cock! Lets have Anal phone sex!


Pains ok for Daddy’s Curvy Slut too!

Want to make it hurt daddy? Feeling a little sadistic today! Sometimes Daddy’s Curvy Slut needs a little pain. Thats ok I love when we have BDSM phone sex. Was I a bad girl? Do I need a good ass busting. Will raping my tight little shit hole teach me a lesson? Maybe I tried to fight back. But your so much stronger than me.

No matter how much I fight you over power me. Forcing me on my tummy. Tying me down and forcing my ass cheeks open. Making me take your big incest cock deep in my young butt hole. Fucking me as I beg you to stop. Do you stop daddy?  No of course not.

You break my butt hole in. It hurts alot during my first pain anal ! But after a few times I start to really like it. Begging you to fuck me like your dirty little  butt slut. I can’t wait for you to break my sister in. I will spread her virgin cheeks nice and wide for you. Cheering you on as you force her to take your big daddy dick!


Daddy’s Curvy Slut takes it slow & sensual!

Do you have a stocking fetish? Daddy’s Curvy Slut loves fetishes.  Want me to put some nylons on? You could wear some too.  Or we could put on sexy silk panties. Rub up against each other. Dry humping through the fabric. Making out as you rub my young tits. It feels so good to play with you daddy.

Want to fuck me through the panty hose? Slide my panties to the side and finger me. Smell that juicy young incest pussy. Yummy, taste it what a yummy cunny. Lick every fold of my hot young cunt! Fingering and massaging my hot young incest cunt. cumming all over daddy’s fingers.

Maybe daddy tries out new toys on me. We can even play with vegetables from the fridge. Carrots and cucumbers nothings off limits. Those veggies are so cold daddy. But they feel so hard and good. Stir up my insides then let me lick my juices off that carrot stick. I love tasting myself.


Fantasize about playing with a Daddy’s Curvy Slut of your own?

You undress me like a present during Daddy’s Curvy Slut phone sex.! Pulling my Lacey panties to the side as you start to rub and finger my fat pussy. My sweet juices cover your fingers when you take them out and lick every drop of my honey up.

My hands brush up against the front of your pants. I feel your throbbing hard cock straining for release. I take it out and give the tip a loving kiss. Taking you into my mouth as I lick and suck on my daddy’s big hard cock until you are about to cum.

Mommy won’t be home this weekend. Can I put on that sexy maid outfit you bought? I’ll wear it with no panties while I clean the house. Cant’ wait until I feel your hard cock against my ass. Maybe you can give me a tip? Teach me how to really get the job done right.


Daddy’s Curvy Slut always has a hot wet pussy for daddy!

Then I stop and tease you with my Daddy’s Curvy Slut phone sex. Spreading my wetProstitute Fantasy Roleplay incest  pussy as I slide you between my pussy lips. Your throbbing hard cock starts to throb for me as I slowly slide down on you. Your princess’s tight pussy feels so good on your cock.

You know I am hungry for your cock daddy. Grab my hips and drill me with that fat daddy dick as you thrust in deep. The head of your cock grinds against all the right spots as you push in deeper.


Taboo fantasies too!

Its ok to get really naughty. Daddy’s Curvy Slut loves to be your victim too. I can be that naïve innocent daddy’s girl you just take. We can enjoy a rapeplay fantasy. Maybe you punish me for dressing like a slut. Or you catch me fingering my pussy and teach me a lesson.

What kind of dark and dirty lesson do you teach me daddy? Do you put me on my knees to suck your dick? Force fucking my throat until I gag? Maybe you bend me over and spank me. Then you bounce me up and down on your lap until you pop my cherry.

I bet there are some very naughty dark desires you have. Lets explore them together. Teach me what happens to  Daddy’s Curvy Slut when she doesn’t do what she’s told. Sometimes you have to make me listen. Of course I love how you control me.


Does Daddy give me a golden shower?

Want to be really dirty & pee on me? Daddy’s Curvy Slut loves it nasty wet and messy too. I love golden showers! My punishment for playing with the boy next door. Do you write bad names on my face. Slap me around and pee all over me.

Then fuck me senseless for hours on end. Turning me into your dirty little cum dumpster slut. You teach me a woman’s place is on her knees and on her back. Mommy never quite learned that lesson did she?

Your right daddy my body belongs to you. I should never play with anyone but my daddy. The only person I need is daddy. None of the other boys can get me off like you can. I promise not to do that again. Please fuck me daddy. I promise to be your good little slut from now on!


How nasty do you want to be?

Does daddy want to tie me up in the woods? Forced to be on all fours waiting for dick? Do I get fucked by your dick daddy? What other fun do you have in mind? Lets have family fun phone sex!

Or do you let all your friends and coworkers fuck me to! Daddy’s Curvy Slut loves a good gangbang! Do we make this a family affair? Letting my brother and uncles rape me too? Fucking me in all my hot wet pretty pink holes!  I am your submissive fuck slut to play with.


Daddy makes me earn my keep!

Maybe daddy decides to whore me out! Lately I’ve been spending to much of daddy’s money. Without a job to pay daddy back it’s time  for Daddy’s Curvy Slut to pay up. The only thing I have to offer is my pretty pink holes. Up for a Forced phone sex fantasy?

You decide to open a glory whole in the garage. No one understands why everyone comes to your house for every game.  Is it because I’m tied up in the basement daddy? In a room tied to a mattress on the floor. Waiting for all your horny friends to cum fuck me in all my holes!

Maybe mommy is gone while this happens. Or perhaps mommy helps me too? We can put a show on for your friends. Mother and I 69 together. Licking each others pussies. Getting your dicks ready to fuck us in all our holes.


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Ready for Daddy’s Curvy Slut phone sex fun? Want to give me every inch of your incest daddy dick? Am I willing or unwilling? Innocent or slutty? Lets get off together. I crave incest roleplay. We can bring my sister and mommy too!

Just like that daddy! Give me every inch as I please your big dick. Fuck me good as you go thrust harder inside, you know how I like it, daddy. Breed me and make me a woman. Show me how babies are made. It’s ok if mommy gets mad! Lets show her how I take care of your big daddy dick!

I love being on fours for daddy. Sometimes I even meet daddy at the door naked. On my knees after work. Sucking his big fat dick the moment he walks in. Maybe mommy knows I’m your dirty slut. She makes dinner while I take care of your cock. Then we shower together before dinner.


Lets Cuck mommy!

We can cuckold mommy.  Daddy’s Curvy Slut wants to make mommy pay! Tie her to a chair and make her watch! Would you like that. Making mommy watch her big girl fucking her husband? Then you can make her lick my cunny juice off your dick. We can use mommy together.

She never wanted anal did she. Why don’t I sit on her face & make mommy eat my pussy. Then you can fuck her ass until she cries. Thats what mommy deserves for being so boring.  Neglecting your big dick all these years.

Or maybe mommy wants in on all the kinky fun? Does mommy crave my pussy to? Is she bisexual or bi-curious? Or perhaps she plays with my brother while you play with me. You love fucking me while she rides my brothers cock.  Then we switch for even more family fun phone sex.


Mommy groomed me to be your Daddy’s Curvy Slut.

Does mommy teach Daddy’s Curvy Slut a thing or two? Maybe she groomed me for your big dick. Taught me to take your cock. Giving me lots of cock sucking lessons. Pushing my head down on your dick until I got it right?

Then when I was ready Mommy put my head in her lap. Rubbing my nipples while you fucked my virgin cunt. Watching you pump a nice wet creampie into my pussy. Then Mommy got on her hands and knees and licked my cum filled cunt.  You were so turned on you fucked mommy while she ate my pussy.

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BBW Foot Fetish

I am your new BBW Foot Fetish phone mistress!

Looking for BBW Foot fetish and BBW pussy eating Phone sex?  It’s so sweet when you pamper myBBW Foot Fetish feet after I have been walking in my heels all day.

I know you love watching me wear my stockings and heels for you and nothing else but my sexy curves in BBW phone sex.

You love painting each and every one of my toes. Adorning my feet with toe rings and my ankles with bracelets. Taking me shoe shopping. Watching me prance around in my fancy heels. Playing dress up for you and showing my sexy elegant feet to you.


I will seduce you with my BBW Foot Fetish!

Spoil me during our BBW Foot Fetish Phone Sex. It feels so good when you rub my pretty feet and knead my perfect arches. Feeling your knuckles slowly run up and down from my soft toes to the balls of my heels makes me melt.

I’m loving how you worship my pretty feet as you start to kiss me there. Planting kisses all over my soft feet as you admire my pedicure. You know I got them pampered just for you. Sometimes you pamper them yourself.

You have always taken great pride in keeping my feet perfect. Washing and exfoliating my feet to perfection. Rubbing my feet and legs until they are soft as silk. Carefully sliding my satiny pantyhose. Helping me slide on my shoes.


Let me indulge all your BBW Foot Fetish fantasies.

I know you love joining me for foot fetish phonesex. But that’s not all is it lover? I know your craving more of me. Your hands start to slide up as you kiss your way up my calves and the inside of my thick thighs.

Oh, are you hungry baby? You know I’m a full course meal. Grabbing my plump fat ass with both hands you start to bury your face in my fat cunt. Desiring to lick and worship each of my delicate toes? Rubbing my feet all over your face.

Inhaling the sweet smell of my feet and toes. You love my feet clean or sweaty.  Rubbing them sniffing them. Getting intoxicated upon their scent. Aroused by the feeling of my satiny skin. Kissing each of my toenails. Rubbing and kissing my toe pads with great passion.


Tell me your BBW Foot Fetish desires.

Your craving for BBW Foot Fetish  is never ending. You eat me so good sexy when you stick your tongue in deep to taste my honey pot. Licking up every drop you can get as you dig in deeper.

You love making my toes curl with that tongue of yours. You’re going to make me cum when you devour me like this, lapping up all of my juice. But there is more where that came from so you better clean your plate.


I will give you the BBW  phone sex you crave.

When I stroke that nice big dick of yours you will be in BBW heaven. Indulge yourself as you rub that throbbing cock all over my face. Tapping it against my lips and rubbing it against my chin.

Squeezing and sliding your cock it between my big tits! Then I rub my heels and sexy soles over your cock and balls. Your mushroom head slides between the soles of my feet. Feeling your cock paint my feet with thick creamy cum.


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Then you have me bend over so you can rub your cock all over my sexy smooth silky feet. Before sliding deep between my cheeks. Pumping my fat ass full of all your creamy smooth cum! Bring all your BBW Foot Fetish fantasies to me.

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