FAQ’s to answer any questions you might have!

Who can enjoy phone sex? You Must be 18+ years of age to play and call.Hot Cheap BBW Phone Sex

How much does phone sex cost? All calls are $2.00 a minute with a 10 minute in the USA and Canada (international calls are $2.50 a minute) But check out our specials.

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept all credit debit and prepaid credit cards with the Visa, Discover, Mastercard and American express logo. No bill to phone and we do not accept checks. But you can take that check to the store and get a prepaid debit/credit card.

How are payments billed? All calls are discreetly billed as Webtokens GA

Phone sex specialsAre there any additional fees? No connection fees ever (international callers or those who cannot accept a call back are $2.50 a minute)

Are there free trials? No, All calls are prepay only. But we have great specials and a free blog.

How can I pay? We can take your payment over the phone or your welcome to pay online.

What information do you request to process payment? Your card information, Name, Call back number and zip code that is associated with your card.

Why do we need your name, zip code and call back number? For your protection to ensure you are the card holder.


Other FAQ’s to help you enjoy phone sex!

Is Tipping permitted? Yes your welcome to tip the lovely lady directly before during or

after your purchase. Your also welcome to give your lovely lady a tribute online. A tribute is a tip. We never ask for tips or tributes but we always appreciate them. You can also vote for us we really appreciate it. You can vote for us once a day.

Can you see more explicit photos of us? Yes we have pictures for sale online for automatic  download. When you go to your favorite girls page you can use QR codes or click the buy now link to purchase our pictures online.


FAQ’s to keep your phone sex fun & private!

  • Buy a prepaid card with cash so there is no bill to find.
  • If someone does happen upon the cash withdrawal hint its really a gift for your significant other.
  • after speaking to us clear your phone log and call a friend or business so hitting the redial button doesn’t reveal you contacted us.
  • Don’t leave our numbers around for wives to find, keep us as a hidden contact under a mans name.
  • When using your phone and computer wipe your cookies cache history and/or use incognito or private browsing.


FAQ’s to get the most out of phone sex!

  • Reach out and email us your fantasy. We love hearing from you. Telling us what turns you on helps us to make phone sex session just the way you want.