Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex


Ready for Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex?

Whip Cream Fun Phone SexI can’t wait  for Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex! Drawing on my body with whipped cream. Topping it with cherries on top of my nipples.

Spraying Whip Cream all over your body. chocolate, caramel, and strawberries  too.  Licking kissing and sucking each and every part of you nice and slow.

I can’t wait for you to return the favor. Slowly tasting each other.  I could even spray whip cream in my undies. So you get a sweet surprise when you eat your way down!

We could freeze some Whip cream & strawberries. then you could rub those frozen creamy berries all over my nipples. Licking all that melting sweetness off my big tits!

Down for some Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex ? Is your cock dripping pre cum just thinking about it?  Let’s indulge in a whipped cream party! I will lay down on the bed and put whip cream on my pussy & tits. Why don’t you eat your way down lover *wink. Eating Whip Cream off my body is hot and yummy! Making our Pussy Eating Phone Sex that much yummier!

Maybe your daddy & you catch me playing with whipped cream! Do you give me a whip cream shot of your own? Pumping me full of your cock! Shooting load after load of cum deep inside me.  Offering your cock covered in both our honey to my mouth after you slather it with some more whip cream! My punishment & reward for being a kinky little slut.


On my knees for your Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex!

Want to be my naughty Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex banana split? Tying you down to my 4 post bed! I want to sensually massage you with flavored oil . Dressing your cock & balls like a delicious banana split . So I can devour every morsel. Chocolate syrup whipped cream and all.

I Can’t wait to make you the focus of my Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex ! Squirting whip cream on your cock & balls. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it. We can have blowjob phone sex . But I am a greedy girl. Thick & Nasty sluts like me will suck you balls dry.


Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex is good to the last drop!

Give me every drop of Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex during Cum Slut Phone Sex ! I BBC Domination Phone Sexcan’t wait to take your rock hard dick into my mouth. Your cock covered in whip cream. Sliding your big fuck stick in and out of my greedy lips. Draining you dry of every last drop of cum!

Or you could cover me in your own special cream. Give me a Whip cum Cream facial, Shooting your cum all over my face. as we imagine playing with whip cream.  If your really dirty I will lick whipped cream out of your asshole. Using my tongue as a scoop to lick out all that kinky nasty goodness.


Foot lovers can enjoy Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex too! Dress up my feet with whip cream chocolate syrup candy and strawberries. Licking my foot clean toe by toe. Devouring my entire foot into your mouth. Licking between each and every one of my sweet toes. Your tongue running up & down my sexy soles.

We can indulge your every edible Sexual Fantasy! How Kinky do you want to be? Want me to get a girlfriend to play with us? We can devour your cream covered cock together! Your eyes will roll back in your head as we lick suck kiss every inch of your cock and balls. Letting our tongues wander down to the crack of your ass. Licking all the delicious trails of naughtiness as they roll down!

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Pay online for our session: https://www.webtokens.biz/Phonesex/downloads/megan/

Buy my pictures >Here<