Gang Bang Phone Sex

Gang Bang Phone SexGang Bang Phone Sex  starts in a pool hall  for size queen like me. Making my way into the pool hall as everyone gets ready for a new round at the table. I get the first shot, as I bend over low and position my pool stick before making my move. My round ass is tempting in my blue jeans. A man comes up behind me and grabs my fat ass as I get up. Pressing himself against me as he starts to kiss my neck and grind his hard-on against my ass. The man next to me comes in close and kisses my lips, nipping them lightly. His hands thread themselves through my hair as he kisses me deeper.

Another pair of hands unbutton my blouse as he rubs his hard cock against my fat ass. Humping my round cheeks through my panties nice and slow. It’s turning me on and getting me wet when I hear him moan for me while he kisses and licks my earlobe. His hand slides down and pushes down my jeans as the guy in front of me moves my panties to the side. His thick fingers push deep inside of me as they thrust in and out of my wet cunt. Gang Bang Phone Sex was 3 on 1 now!

The other men in the room are watching the three of us together as they stroke their hard cocks. I get bent over as I grab onto the man in front of me. Unzipping his jeans and taking his huge cock out before I start to lick and suck it like a lollipop. A thick cock slides into my bald pussy and pushes deep inside of me as I get spit-roasted between two dicks. The excited men around us stroke themselves while they wait for their turn to fuck me. Don’t you want to play with me too, sexy?

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Dirty Panties Phone Sex

Dirty Panties Phone SexI know you want my Dirty Panties Phone Sex! You’re craving something especially dirty, aren’t you? Want to smell my dirty panties? I want to hear you beg for my naughty dirty panties. I just want to ball up my sweaty panties and shove them in your mouth. Making you taste my dirty pussy on them as I listen to your muffled moans.

Pushing you down and teasing your hard, fat cock with my fingers you beg for more Dirty Panties Phone Sex. Sliding my hand up and down as you breathe through my sopping wet panties. Now lick them clean of all of my pussy juices. I just love watching you take them out of your mouth and press those wet panties against your nose.

Now take a big whiff of my sweet cunt as I play with that throbbing cock. Let me take care of your stiff wood . Rubbing my clit as I put my panties back on and sit on your face. Grinding my wet cunt on your face as I fucking smother you real good. You are loving the taste of my fuck hole! Enjoying my Dirty Panties Phone Sex licking and sucking me through my panties. Your tongue pushes and rubs against my hard throbbing clit as you move the panties aside. You eat my sweet honey like a good boy. Are you ready for your reward darlin?

Lets enjoy your Dirty Panties fantasies together.

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Freaky BBC Phone Sex

Indulge in my Freaky BBC Phone Sex! Laying naked on the bed with my hands aboveFreaky BBC Phone Sex my head in metal handcuffs. The cool metal against my skin excites me as your hungry gaze drinks me in. Your eyes travel up and down my body as your rough hands slide against my skin. Our eyes meet as you lean down and start sucking on my hard nipples, swirling your tongue around my red buds. Kissing them both lightly as I feel your hot breath against my skin.

Your hard black cock pushing and rubbing against my inner thighs. Grinding your fat black dick between my pussy lips as the head pokes and rubs my clit every time you thrust against me. Your lips kiss my lips and neck while your large hands fondle my big tits. Sliding down my body the tip of your thick mushroom head rubs against my pussy. You push inside of me slowly as you spread me open, thrusting your cock deeper.

Filling my pussy up and stretching my cunt to fit your black cock. It feels so good when you start to move inside of me during Freaky BBC Phone Sex. hitting deep in the back with your thick dick. Pushing in deeper as you start fucking me hard, slamming into me deeply. Making me feel your monster cock penetrate my tight pussy as you grab my hips and grind into me.

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