BBW Auntie Phone Sex

BBW Auntie Phone Sex!

BBW Auntie Phone Sex

Get everything you want during BBW Auntie Phone Sex! What my horny nephew wants, my nephew gets.  I know you want some hot loving from your sexy auntie. I see how you look at me with your hungry gaze on my body. Come here, it’s okay darling. You can touch me,

Your BBW Auntie Needs your extra special attention. I now your want & desires. The cravings you have. Fantasies unfilled that lead you wanting. Let me fulfill all your Naughty Nephew Horny Auntie desires.  Explore even your most taboo urges when we play.


BBW Auntie Phone Sex roleplays

We can enjoy incest roleplays. Anal and oral sex with toys. Auntie can even invite some girlfriends over to help me enjoy your young dick. Or maybe you prefer to watch instead? Want Auntie Megan to invite a male caller to fuck. You can watch from the hallway.

Or perhaps you bring some friends over instead. Go ahead and invite your Young stud classmates to play. It’s ok I’ll take all their dicks. They can run a train on my hot wet holes. You can edge yourself in the corner while you watch auntie get fucked. Watching as all your horny friends fuck my mature cunt and mouth. Leaving Aunties Ass just for yourself.


I know you want my BBW Auntie Phone Sex!

My BBW Auntie Phone Sex is a sensual Adventure! You want to let your hands explore my sexy body. I gently grab your face and kiss you deeply. Feeling your hands on my big breasts. Go ahead and touch them all you want.

Fondling my big tits! Get on top of me and push me down. I know you want to dominate your sexy auntie.  Hot and Nasty Auntie Megan needs your young hard dick. Don’t worry Auntie Megan will show you what to do with your young cock. Mommy never has to know. It’s our little secret.


BBW Auntie Phone Sex fantasies.

We have all summer together to play! You can sleep in my room with me. Wake me up with that young morning wood. I Want to wake up to your hard dick sliding in and out of my mature cunt! Your uncle and I are separated. This means you have me all to yourself.

We don’t even have to wear cloths. We can walk around the house naked and fuck on every single piece of furniture. Every position your perverted mind can imagine and then some. We can indulge every single fantasy kink and fetish you have! Auntie Megan has seen it all. Nothing can shock me.


Take control during BBW Auntie Phone Sex!

Your hard cock lets me know how bad you want BBW Auntie Phone Sex!  Our kiss deepen  as my lips meet yours. You take control of my mouth as you take your time feeling me up. Sliding your hands down until you can feel my hot wet pussy against your fingers.

Are you a nervous innocent virgin nephew? Need Auntie Megan to teach you how to use your virgin dick? Maybe your an experienced young man. Biding your time to seduce your Auntie. Do you make your move after Auntie returns from a drunken night out? Or do seduce Auntie over time? Giving me glances of your rock hard body.


BBW Auntie Phone Sex cravings!

Maybe lust becomes overwhelming and you just take my hot incest cunt. Watching me in the kitchen makes you rock hard. You bend me over pressing your hard young dick against my ass. Pulling up my skirt & making me take your hard dick. I might try to fight back at first. Then your hard young dick feels so good I give in.

I just love a kinky rape play. Take advantage of me when I’m drunk. Slip a roofie in my drink and fuck me passed out. Make a movie of something naughty I did and black mail me with it. Make Auntie your dirty little fuck toy fuck slave. Or you will tell everyone what a dirty little whore I am! You have all the control!


Ready for BBW Auntie Phone Sex?

Now slide your hands between my legs during BBW Auntie Phone Sex! Spreading my thick thighs apart. Exploring my fat cunt nice and deep! Feel my puffy pussy grip your fingers. I’m ready for my horny nephew’s cock now ! Rubbing your fingers between the folds of my fat puffy pussy.

Your dick stiffens as you take in how wet I am for you. Precum Drips from your hard throbbing dick. Fire grows in your loins. A great urgency pushes your cock against your pants. As your mushroom head rubs against Aunties pussy your cock twitches. Your cock throbbing as you gently slide deep inside me.

Feeling the texture and wetness slide up and down your dick. Your balls Full of your young cum. Pushing and forcing your hard young cock in and out of your Aunties Cunt. Your such a good boy! Keep fucking my hot incest pussy. It’s ok you can fuck me harder. I won’t break my mature pussy can take more than your girlfriend can.


Craving my BBW Auntie Phone Sex!

Your cock is throbbing for my BBW Auntie Phone Sex pussy! Fill me with your young cock as you slowly push in deep. Give me every inch as you start to fuck me! Lets have some family fun with your thick throbbing dick. I will do things those girls at school won’t do too.

Auntie has all kinds of kinky fun in mind for you. I love deep throating your hard young dick. Getting your cock wet for my nice fat ass. Lifting my legs up tempting you with my shit hole. Spreading my cheeks apart beckoning you inside. It feels so good to sodomize my tightest fuck hole. Thats it be a good boy and fuck Auntie Megan’s shit hole.

I want to feel your hard cock sliding in and out of my ass. The thrust of your hips as you penetrate my butthole. The smack of your balls as your grind your cock inside me. Your sweet moans as you empty your load in me and say my name. “Oh Auntie Megan I’m gonna cum”! Yes, cum baby…give all your sweet cream to me.


Lets explore your BBW Auntie Phone Sex incest desires together!

My wet auntie pussy feels so good on your young cock. Fuck me as hard and deep as you want! No one has to know about our incestuous desires! Auntie needs your  thick cock. I always love fucking my stud nephew’s hard cock, I can’t get enough!

I know you sit in your room when you visit me jacking off for hours. You have more sperm than you know what to do with. Your urges never seem to get satisfied. Stop denying yourself what you need! Call Auntie Megan and bring your hard young dick to me!

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Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex


Ready for Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex?

Whip Cream Fun Phone SexI can’t wait  for Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex! Drawing on my body with whipped cream. Topping it with cherries on top of my nipples.

Spraying Whip Cream all over your body. chocolate, caramel, and strawberries  too.  Licking kissing and sucking each and every part of you nice and slow.

I can’t wait for you to return the favor. Slowly tasting each other.  I could even spray whip cream in my undies. So you get a sweet surprise when you eat your way down!

We could freeze some Whip cream & strawberries. then you could rub those frozen creamy berries all over my nipples. Licking all that melting sweetness off my big tits!

Down for some Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex ? Is your cock dripping pre cum just thinking about it?  Let’s indulge in a whipped cream party! I will lay down on the bed and put whip cream on my pussy & tits. Why don’t you eat your way down lover *wink. Eating Whip Cream off my body is hot and yummy! Making our Pussy Eating Phone Sex that much yummier!

Maybe your daddy & you catch me playing with whipped cream! Do you give me a whip cream shot of your own? Pumping me full of your cock! Shooting load after load of cum deep inside me.  Offering your cock covered in both our honey to my mouth after you slather it with some more whip cream! My punishment & reward for being a kinky little slut.


On my knees for your Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex!

Want to be my naughty Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex banana split? Tying you down to my 4 post bed! I want to sensually massage you with flavored oil . Dressing your cock & balls like a delicious banana split . So I can devour every morsel. Chocolate syrup whipped cream and all.

I Can’t wait to make you the focus of my Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex ! Squirting whip cream on your cock & balls. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it. We can have blowjob phone sex . But I am a greedy girl. Thick & Nasty sluts like me will suck you balls dry.


Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex is good to the last drop!

Give me every drop of Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex during Cum Slut Phone Sex ! I BBC Domination Phone Sexcan’t wait to take your rock hard dick into my mouth. Your cock covered in whip cream. Sliding your big fuck stick in and out of my greedy lips. Draining you dry of every last drop of cum!

Or you could cover me in your own special cream. Give me a Whip cum Cream facial, Shooting your cum all over my face. as we imagine playing with whip cream.  If your really dirty I will lick whipped cream out of your asshole. Using my tongue as a scoop to lick out all that kinky nasty goodness.


Foot lovers can enjoy Whip Cream Fun Phone Sex too! Dress up my feet with whip cream chocolate syrup candy and strawberries. Licking my foot clean toe by toe. Devouring my entire foot into your mouth. Licking between each and every one of my sweet toes. Your tongue running up & down my sexy soles.

We can indulge your every edible Sexual Fantasy! How Kinky do you want to be? Want me to get a girlfriend to play with us? We can devour your cream covered cock together! Your eyes will roll back in your head as we lick suck kiss every inch of your cock and balls. Letting our tongues wander down to the crack of your ass. Licking all the delicious trails of naughtiness as they roll down!

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Slutty sister Phone Sex

Gang Bang Phone SexI caught you during Slutty sister Phone Sex!

I caught you red-handed creeping on me during Slutty sister Phone Sex again sweetheart. Watching me from the window when I brought a special guest over for the night.

You were rock-hard stroking yourself as you watched me and my lover in bed. It is always so hot knowing my horny little brother is watching me get fucked from the window. Edging yourself nice & slow like a horny pervert. You’ve always wanted to fuck me haven’t you!


Watching me get fucked during Slutty sister Phone Sex!

My lover’s large fat cock pushes deep inside my Slutty sister Phone Sex pussy as you watch us. You touch yourself as you watch him take me from behind doggy style. His cock mercilessly pounds deep inside of me as he holds me down. His warm hands grab my waist and hold me in place as he stretches out my wet pussy.

Slutty sister Phone Sex makes you hard!

You sneak back into the house and into my room with your cock still in your hands. I know you can’t take it anymore when you come inside. You want to join in live for Slutty sister Phone Sex. My lover motions you over and pulls my head back. You take your cock and thrust it into my hungry mouth as you start to face fuck me.

Making you cum during Slutty sister Phone Sex!

It feels so good when I moan on your cock as I get fucked from behind. My brother’s fat cock tastes so good in my mouth. Getting fucked in the ass during Slutty sister Phone Sex as I start to drink your pre cum. Tracing the veins of your cock as you moan, I know you like it when I tease you. You know I just love to see you shiver in pleasure when I have you in my mouth. Lets enjoy this fantasy together!

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Fat Cum Slut Phone Sex


Fat Cum Slut Phone SexI’m hungry for Fat Cum Slut Phone Sex! As your dirty submissive cum whore I am hungry, for every drop of your precious seed. My mouth hungers for your rock hard fuck meat! Feed me your cock milk slow & gentle or hard & fast! I long to serve your every need. Down on my hands & knees eagerly & submissively. Submitting to your every dirty desire. You can fuck me in every hole you want !

True cum whores crave Fat Cum Slut Phone Sex daily! I need your jizz to feel complete. My entire world revolves around your dick. I am your kinky Voluptuous bimbo to play with. Fuck with my head & my body. Treat me like your dirty cum dumpster! Use me any way you can. I live to serve you. Nothing satisfies me more than a sweet & salty thick rich fresh load cumming out of your dick!

Cat got your tongue? Relax baby I got you. Let me be your plump princess, your fat freak your super sized slut!  I promise not to bite…unless you want me to! Nothing you desire is off limits. I am on my knees begging for your  hard cock. I love all cock black, white, brown , red , Asian! Big or small I love to fuck & suck it all. Stop wasting your time with girls who don’t appreciate your dick. Call a real cum slut who will worship adore lavish and spoil your perfect penis.

We live in a world where women have forgotten they were made to serve men. Get the special one on one treatment you deserve. No more bullshit your time is right now! I will never try to dominate you or control you. I will submit to your desires & give you a one of a kind experience your dick deserves.

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Sucking Cock Phone Sex


Sucking Cock Phone Sex

I’ve had big tits that got everyone’s attention! Hungry lips meant for Sucking Cock Phone Sex ever since I can remember! Do you fantasize about getting a fat black cock for your wife or Girlfriend? Long to watch her suck that dark dick nice and slow? Or is that dick really for you?

Whether your bisexual or just kinky Sucking Cock Phone Sex is definitely for you! My horny callers are always trying to get into my panties! Trying to seduce me into playing with my pretty pink pussy while we chat. But as we talk the truth comes out. Your the one who wants to get face fucked!  Its ok to confess all about how you long for a  big dick to suck!

I love sucking cock phone sex! Tell me how you want big dick in both your hungry holes! We can share those big dicks together. Consider me your kinky team mate in the pursuit of hard cock! Tell me all about your cravings for BBC! Or maybe your into White men or Latino’s? Like a bit of race play in the mix. I am up for all shades of phone fucking!

I find callers who are Bi-sexual or Bi-curious hot as hell! Seeing & hearing about two men together makes me so wet! Do you like sharing dick with your wife or girlfriend? Afraid to confess your deep dark desires to your other half? That’s where I cum in! Live out your deepest darkest fantasies with me.

Become my Bi-sexual cuck who craves BBC! Tell me how good that cock tasted in your mouth! Moan for me while you take big fat dick in your faggot ass! Do you like it slow and sensual? Or long to be used  and rode hard like a cum dump? Want to be stretched out and taken by alpha males? Big hung dicks taking turns mounting and filling you up all the way?

How far do you want to take our Sucking Cock Phone Sex? Want to take ass to mouth like a proper faggot slut? Taking them in your whore hole hard and deep! Then sucking them balls dry with your pretty mouth? Forced to drink up all their sweet cummies, as they take turns fucking your throat! Filling your stomach to the brim with jerk off juice! Pumping you hard and fast! Fat dicks sliding in and out of your ass then your mouth.

Admit it you want to be tossed around and held down. Properly fucked like a rag doll! Taken by force if need be by more dominant men. Well hung studs holding you down and forcing you to take their dicks. Being in the center of a circle jerk is what you crave.

I’ve been grooming you all this time.  Teasing you with my strap on dick. Now you want big cock for real. Longing for a rape play role play where strong studs make you take it. Fucking your pretty mouth endlessly while you suck. Get ready to take it prison style like a beta bitch! There’s no escape your gonna take this dick today bitch! There is no where to go until these men are done with you!

Make it kinkier! I love being submissive too. I can be on my knees sucking your cock while the alpha males use your pretty mouth as a cum dump. Keeping you hard the entire night while you wear your cock ring. Then at the very end when all those alphas are done with you its your turn. The last alpha fucks your ass after I slide off your cock ring. Making you fill my mouth to the bring with your cum!

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Hot Face Sitting Phone Sex

Hot Face Sitting Phone Sex

Hot Face Sitting Phone Sex really gets me off! Taking control of your hot mouth turns me on. Normally I’m very submissive. When it comes to Face Sitting I’m in control.  Don’t you just love it when a girl sits on your face? I would love to grind my pussy all over you! My cunt is delicious isn’t it?

Hot face sitting phone sex heats up! I love to slowly tease your mouth. Letting you take in the sight and smell of my pussy through my panties. The silky fabric rubbing against your lips. Using you as my chair as I sit on your face. You can smell my sweaty pussy through the fabric.

It isn’t long before you get very hungry for my Hot Face Sitting Phone Sex! Pulling my panties to the side to let your tongue linger. Begging me to pull my panties right off. What if I sit on your face in a skirt or dress with no panties on? Leaving my wet cunt open and ready for your lips and tongue.

Rubbing my clit as you lap up my cunt & ass. Squirting & Cumming right into your mouth. Grinding my pussy and ass all over your face! Taking control of your greedy mouth. Feeding you my sweet nectar.

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BBC Domination Phone Sex


BBC Domination Phone SexDuring BBC Domination Phone Sex You surprise me in the shower. When you come up behind me. Your hands resting on my waist as you press your naked body against mine. Your fat black cock presses against my back as you start to kiss my neck. Spreading my legs as your cock slides between my thighs. It feels so good as your throbbing dick rubs against my pussy and gets soaked in my juices.

Your big hands start to tease me during BBC Domination Phone Sex. Your hands slowly pinch my nipples. I can feel the head of your cock poke and press into my core. Grinding against my entrance before you push deep inside. Holding me against you as you start to fuck me, thrusting into me at a steady pace. Driving your huge cock deep inside as it presses against my womb. Rubbing and grinding the very back of my pussy as you hold me tight, making me moan in pleasure. Your thick cock aggressively thrusts deep inside of me as you pound inside of me harder. Pumping my hungry cunt as your balls slap against my clit every time you fill me up again, making me cum hard. My juices squirting all over your cock and balls as you press me against the shower wall and punish my slutty pussy with your big black dick. Call me soon for BBC Domination Phone Sex!  1-720-547-6222 !

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Auntie Nephew roleplay

Auntie Nephew roleplay

You have been at my house all summer waiting for Auntie Nephew roleplay.  I continually seduce your young dick . Walking around the house in lingerie, revealing cloths almost naked. Cherishing your summers year after year at my house. Your mother has no idea I have been teasing you all this time. Walking around like a total whore In front of you. Grooming you for my mature cunt!

I know you sneak a peek at me when I’m in the shower. You also watch me fuck my lovers. Taking their big fat cocks in my mature cunt. My ass clapping on their lap as I ride their dicks. I can hear you jerking your young cock as you watch. Thinking I am unaware of you perving on me. Sometimes I touch myself at night when I’m alone and your in the next room. Moaning loudly knowing you can hear me. Always locking the door as I fuck my self with my favorite toy.

Occasionally I hear you try the doorknob. How many times have you turned it hoping it was unlocked. Wanting to come into my room with your hard young dick and fuck me. Well tonight your in for a surprise. Oh my Naughty Auntie left the door unlocked. I lay on my back rubbing oil into my huge tits as I slide my dildo in and out. My fat pussy taking every inch of my toy nice and deep. My thick thighs spread wide as I fuck my pussy with my dildo . Tonight dear nephew will find my bedroom door unlocked. What happens next is up to you!

Long to pick up the phone and give me a ring? cum to me for Auntie Nephew roleplay! We can cum together. I can’t wait to rub this wet incest kitty for you. I’ll put the phone down between my legs so you can hear how wet I am for you. Auntie needs your hard young dick so bad! Call me soon 1-720-547-6222 !

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Curvy Cuckold Phone Sex


You walk by my door and can hear faint moans through the crack. Peeking inside you see your horny mistress getting fucked by a ten-inch cock. You can’t help it, can you? Watching that huge thick dick plow my dripping, hungry pussy. I look over and see you watching us like a bad little cuck when I call you over.

BBW Mistress AmandaYou get on your knees as you watch this hung stud fuck me. Don’t you dare touch yourself yet, that’s my job. And now that I have all this fresh cum in my pussy, now it’s time for your job subby. You look so excited as you crawl on the bed and between my legs. Your tongue going deep into my pussy as you eat out that fresh hot cream pie. It tastes so good, doesn’t it?

Now turn around and bend over. Get into position, good boy! Are you ready for your mistress’s strap-on cock? Then spread your cheeks for me like a good little slut as you wait for me to lube up my cock. You start to moan when I rub the head against your slutty sub pussy. I push it inside slowly as you arch your back to take me in deeper. Grabbing your hips I start to thrust into you hard as I pound your pink little rosebud. Take it all, every inch as I fill you up. Now beg, beg for my fat strap-on cock to make you cum. You know you want me deeper, you little bitch.

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Fat Phone Sex

Fat Phone Sex

Fat Phone Sex

My plump fat ass looks so damn good in this thong as I bend over and give you a slow and sexy lap dance. Your hands grabbing my fat ass as you watch me grind on your lap, your cock throbbing in your briefs. That fat cock of yours rubbing right between my ass cheeks before you take it out of your briefs.

Rubbing against my fat pussy lips, you spread them apart with your thick dick as my juices start dripping all over your cock. My big fat cunt is so hungry for you fuck meat, so feed me, baby. Make me feel so full with your fuck stick as you slide it deep inside. I need to feel you throb as you pump me full of thick cock.  You slap against my fat ass with every thrust as you fuck me.

Grab my ass and drill my hungry cunt darlin, I know you love filling me up. I want you to stuff me and fill me full of your cock cum. Push it in deep as your cock devours my fat cunt, I know you’re hungry. Slap my thick ass you fuck me harder, driving me wild with every thrust. Give it to me so hard, make me cum on your dick as you play with my huge tits.

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