Pussy Eating Phonesex


Lick your lips for Pussy Eating Phonesex.

Hungry for Pussy Eating Phonesex? Pussy Eating PhonesexCome here lover, I know you need a curvy goddess tonight. You can’t help but stare at my long blond locks and my curves.

You undressed me slowly like a present. My dress slides off my frame like silk. Taking in my frame with

My hands start to tease and pinch my pink nipples as I lay down on the bed. My thick thighs spread wide as you stalk closer, seeing my fingers touch my sexy wet panties.


Give in to Pussy Eating Phonesex

Your mouth waters at the very thought of tasting me. Watching me tease you as i finger my lace. The anticipation almost killing you.  You love how I make you wait. I’ve teased you all day. Now you can finally have me all to yourself.

Showing you glimpses of my panties underneath my dress. Crossing my legs and uncrossing them. Now I am finally all yours. My juicy wet cunt open wide for your tongue. You savor my flavors and my scent. Taking me in like a fine wine.

You want to make this evening last. Taking your time  with me. Every scent every taste and touch. Pacing yourself as you explore every inch of my body inside and out. You love bringing me pleasure. Making me orgasm again and again.

Pussy Eating Phonesex is red hot when we play.

I know you want to join me for some hot BBW phonesex. You get so excited when I slide off my white lacy panties. My fingers start to circle my clit as you watch me tease myself. Your cock hardening in your hand. You slide my panties over your dick.

You start to rub your hard cock through my panties. Edging yourself through the silky fabric. Pleasuring yourself and watching as I slowly finger my fat pussy. You eye my big soft breasts and my hard nipples. Do you want to suck them?

You rub your hard cock across my forehead and mouth. Doting each of my nipples with your precum. Suckling my nipples with great hunger. Burning kisses down my stomach. Kissing between my thighs as you part them. Kissing and sucking upon my clit. Sending shivers down my spine.


Taste my sweet wet Pussy Eating Phonesex .

Do you want to taste me during Pussy Eating Phonesex lover? You get on the bed and wrap your hands around my curves. Your hands on my hips and my soft round ass as you pull me closer to you.

You take my fingers from my wet pussy and lick them. Sucking my honey off of them as you taste me on your tongue. Laying down between my thick thighs you lick and suck my sweet wet cunt as you swirl your thick tongue in and out of my entrance.

Dining upon my sweet juices. Pulling me on top of your face. I ride your mouth grinding my cunt upon your face. You continue to tongue fuck me. Desperately awaiting what you prize most. My cum running down your face as you eat me like  delicious ripe peach.


Dive right into my Pussy Eating Phonesex and call me now!

Your tongue dart it in and out of me as you swallow every drop. Your hands groping and squeezing my fat ass as you taste me, tongue fucking me hard as you add in two thick fingers.

My thighs wrap around your face as I push you deep, smothering you with my cunt as I cum. You lick up every drop I give you before you come up for air. Now can I taste myself on your lips?

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