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You sneak back into the house and into my room with your cock still in your hands. I know you can’t take it anymore when you come inside. You want to join in live for Slutty sister Phone Sex. My lover motions you over and pulls my head back. You take your cock and thrust it into my hungry mouth as you start to face fuck me.

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It feels so good when I moan on your cock as I get fucked from behind. My brother’s fat cock tastes so good in my mouth. Getting fucked in the ass during Slutty sister Phone Sex as I start to drink your pre cum. Tracing the veins of your cock as you moan, I know you like it when I tease you. You know I just love to see you shiver in pleasure when I have you in my mouth. Lets enjoy this fantasy together!

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Ass Eating Phone Sex

Ass Eating Phone Sex

During Ass Eating Phone Sex You watch me from the doorway as I do my squats. My thick round ass slowly going up and down every time. Looking over I see you watching me with a naughty smirk on your lips. Licking those full lips as you wink at me. Sauntering over to me as you get behind me and start to rub my big, fat ass with both hands. Pressing against me so I can feel your fat cock between my ass cheeks.

You lay against me until we are both bent over the bed. Sliding down my back, you pepper my body with kisses. Until you are on your knees behind me, slowly pulling my Leggings and panties down. Holding me there by my hips as your hot tongue starts to taste my tight sweaty ass. Slowly pushing your tongue inside of me as you spread me open.

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