Giantess Fantasy

Indulge your Giantess Fantasy

Don’t be scared of my Giantess Fantasy phone sex. I have a soft spot for little menFatty Phone Sex who dare to explore my world.  I can’t feel your little cock as you try to rub it up against my ankle.

Your microscopic penis feels like a soft tooth pick poking my skin. I laugh at your persistence. You look frustrated little man. You want to fuck your Giantess Goddess But your as tiny as a flea. I could step on you and flatten you like a pan cake. Smash you into dust.

Giantess Fantasy phone sex fun

In Giantess Phone Sex I grow so tall you look like a horny dwarf at my feet. I could pick you up and eat you if I wanted. You are totally helpless. I can  do what ever I wish with you little man.

I am so tall I make you feel like a tiny little ant beneath my toes. You wave your arms begging for my attention. Amused I pick you up and place you on my nipple.  My nipple is bigger than your whole body.


Giantess Fantasy with Brenda

What kind of Giantess Fantasy do you have? You are so tiny you can’t even get your mouth around my big fat huge giant tit. Lick my nipple little man lick it good. If you don’t please me I might just get hungry and swallow you whole. Your so helpless I can flick you like a flea. Swim in my ocean when I cum. I might drown you in my lady juices.

Giantess Fantasy

I could squeeze you between my fingers. But in my Giantess Fantasy I think I will slide you into my fat wet pussy instead. Using you as my dildo. Left to massage every inch of me deep inside with your mouth tongue and both hands. Leaving you to swim around inside my big Giantess cunt as you search for my G-Spot.

When you find my G-Spot you rub your tiny microscopic penis against it until I cum. When I cum my entire cunt canal floods like the river Nile. You get swept up in the flood. Struggling  to stay afloat you swim to my humongous clitoris.  Oh my Giantess Brenda has such a huge clit to rub. You eagerly get me off by rubbing my clit with both hands. Until I squirt and cover you in my fuck honey.


Giantess Fantasy roleplays

Small Dick Cuck HusbandYou found my Clit during Giantess Fantasy phone sex. What  a good little worker bee you are. Now rub my joy button like a magic lamp until I squirt my Giantess love honey all over you. You get so excited your tiny little dick gets hard again.

You stick your microscopic dick in the tiny hole of the center of my clit and fuck it like a pussy. Your tiny ant sized dick cums hard inside my clit hole.  Hard and fast  your persistent needling makes your Giantess cum. Your entire tiny body covered in my fuck juice


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Fat Chick Phone Sex

Fat Chick Phone Sex


Looking for Fat Chick Phone Sex?

Don’t be afraid to try Fat Chick Phone Sex! Are you secretly a chubby chaser? Do you prefer your women like you like your steak…BIG? Skinny wife or girlfriend not doing it for you? Or do you love to pursue larger ladies but your a bit shy?

Maybe your cock likes a lady of the heavier persuasion. Hop aboard and ride my train of pleasure. My fat pussy & ass are ready and waiting for your call. Big full breasts ready to be squeezed sucked and fucked. Ready to phone fuck  a plump princess with endless curves?


Cum play in my Fat Chick Phone Sex.

Let me fulfill your Fat Chick Phone Sex fantasies. A nice round ass to hold on to while you drill my tightest fuck hole. Bend me over and let your Giantess dreams come true. More cushion for the pushing when we play!

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Phone sex specials

Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex

Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex

Got a craving for Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex?

I know you sneak into Mommy’s room at night. My horny boy is looking for Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex. You get right into  bed with me completely naked. When  you think I’m fast asleep you pull off  your shorts.

Being super quiet so you won’t get caught. Your fat cock craves my hungry mommy pussy. Daddy is rarely home, you know he is fucking other women. So you decide if he gets to fuck other girls you get to fuck mommy!


Let me give you Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex.

I begin to moan as you touch and tease me. At first I think you are your father. I begin to call your dads name. Then as my eyes open I realize its my son. Before I can protest you put your hand over my mouth.

“Shut up mommy and take this fat dick!”  Putting your hard cock between my pussy lips. I wake up to Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex. Your hungry mouth & dick making me moan. Mommy is so greedy. She loves lots of cock.


Lets have Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex together.

Your dick hard as a rock as you spread my big fat thighs. You get on top of me with your hard young dick. When I try say no you hold me down. I’m too big to run and your so much stronger than me.

I can’t run or fight. I am helpless & forced to take your hot hard young dick! Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex feels so good. Your dick gets bigger as your  thick cock slides inside of my cunt.


Give me your Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex.

“Take my dick mommy take it deeper!” Your dick pumping in and out of my fat pussy, as you play with mommy’s big breasts. Leaning down you start to lick and suck on my big pink nipples.

You have been waiting to hump mommy all day. You love my big fat warm squishy body. Your cock throbs as you fill me up with your young cock. I know your balls are so heavy with cum. Mommy’s fat pussy is all for you.


Fuck mommy hard during Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex.

Fuck mommy harder! Mommy needs your hard young dick to get off. Slide in and out of your mommy’s hot fat juicy pussy nice and slow. Make mommy get on her hands and knees. Her fat round ass and fat thighs spread wide for you.

Pulling mommy’s hair, making her take your big hard young cock! You might degrade mommy too. Call me a dirty fuck pig & a big fat slut! Pounding your cock into mommy’s big fat wet cunt.


Impregnate mommy during Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex

Cum Craving Mommy Phone SexYou love the noises my juicy fat pussy makes as you fuck me hard.  I know you want to fill slutty mommy deep with your seed. You want to impregnate your mommy, don’t you? Fucking me better than your father does.

Rubbing your hands over my big fat ass as you slap it. Making me cum like a good boy!. What a good son you are for mommy, giving me all your hot cum. You don’t stop there. You make slutty mommy open her big fat mouth to clean off your cock.


Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex makes you feel good.

Tasting my sweet juices from your dick. Licking all my love juice off your balls. What a good whore I am! You can make mommy do whatever you want. Mommy loves submitting to her horny son. Call me for more Cum Craving Mommy Phone Sex!

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Mother Son Period Play

Ready for Mother Son Period Play?

Cum Craving Mommy Phone SexThirsty for Mother Son Period Play phone sex? Want mommy to serve you a sweet n spicy?

Craving a fresh bloody Mary straight from my cunt?  There is never enough of mommy to go around is there?


You crave filthy incest phone sex.

You have always been so curious about my pussy. You love my pussy sweaty or clean, hairy or shaved. Nothing turns you on more then my bloody cunt. The way I smell during my period drives you crazy.

Of course mommy always gets so horny during her month. Of course you want to indulge in forbidden period play phone sex. You are fascinated by everything that comes in and out of mommy. Obsessed with my hot wet mature dirty juicy bloody cunt.

You have always loved watching me while I’m in the bathroom.  Watching me insert my tampon. Helping mommy bathe. Sometimes you love experiencing a period with mommy. Having mommy sliding a tampon inside of you too. That way we can have a period together.

Mother Son Period Play indulges even your nastiest desires.

I couldn’t believe it when you said you wanted Mother Son Period Play Phone Sex. In this fantasy You asked mommy to get a hotel room just the two of us. You laid mommy on the bed and pulled her tampon out.

Sniffing all around mommy’s bloody cunt nice and slow. Licking your fingers eagerly. Sucking my tampon dry. Savoring all of my dirty flavors. You smelled me all day long. You couldn’t wait to finally have exactly what you desired.

Licking her period pussy with your tongue. Then you put a clean tampon in my wet juicy cunt & fucked me with it. Once my cum was all over my tampon you had me slide it into your ass. Mommy then massaged your prostate with the tampon.

You love  Nasty period roleplays!

You got so hard for Mother Son Period Play Phone Sex. Your such a kinky boy! You love how swollen and horny mommy gets on her period. It reminds you of when I was pregnant and I would masturbate all the time.

You could hear my sweet moans from your bedroom wall. You told me how you used to jerk off as you listened to me fuck my pregnant cunt. You dream about impregnating me too. Bending mommy over during her period and fucking her when she’s in heat.

Fucking like animals do between the sheets. Bending mommy over and thrusting your dick deep inside me. It’s ok mommy with be your dirty incest fuck slut. Go ahead and crawl behind me. Sniffing my cunt bending me over doggy style. Fucking me like an animal. Fucking me like a bitch in heat.

Mother Son Period Play makes you crave more.

Now’s your chance to put a baby in mommy. Fill my swollen period pussy up with your big dick during Mother Son Period Play Phone Sex. pumping mommy’s cunt hard and deep until your thick cream seed is dripping out the sides.

Then like the kinky boy you are you lick mommy’s period cum filled creampie cunt out. Who am I to deny your desires. Mommy gets so horny during her period. Its ok you can do whatever you want to mommy!

Don’t deny your Mother Son Period Play Desires.

Daddy never has to know all the kinky fun we have! It’s our little secret. Mommy will never be alone with her dirty son. You love spending time beneath my long skirt. Licking my hot wet cunt like a good obedient son.

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Small Dick Cuck Husband


Small Dick Cuck Husband

Small Dick Cuck Husband Phone Sex!

Are you a Small Dick Cuck Husband? Little dick got you down? Looking for a fat mistress to push you further ? Don’t worry sugar Miss Brenda will put you in your place.  Are you short and stubby? Or do you have a midget dick? Shrimp cock perhaps?

Some of the men who call me are all mushroom. Meaning my thumb casts a shadow on you when your erect.  Don’t try and lie about your size. Miss Brenda will request you measure your dick. Nothing like a ruler to humble you with the truth.

Small Dick Cuck Husband fun

Sometimes a slice of humble pie can be freeing. Now that you’ve accepted your fate your ready for humiliation. Let me level with you buttercup. All those times your wife or girlfriend moaned she was lying.  We both know that one inch wonder of yours ain’t bringing no one to nothing.

She just wanted you to hurry up and cum. Did you really think that your tiny pathetic cock was that special? How in the hell is something that small supposed to get anyone off? I know I’m being mean but you like it don’t you? You want a Fat Mistress to tell you how it is.


Small Dick Humiliation

Now that you’ve accepted the smaller side of things lets take a look at your technique. Your attempts at seduction are laughable. Small Dick Cuck Husband losers’ like you can’t make a woman cum!

Don’t try to lie to yourself that size doesn’t matter because it does. You lack the size and girth to do a vagina any good. When you attempt to slide inside women can’t even feel you. Honey your hung like a mouse, a humming bird or possibly an ant. A bee sting has more effect than your little dick ever would. Your less than an insect.


Small Dick Cuck Husband instruction

It’s ok there there at least you can watch your wife or girlfriend get fucked. At the very least you will know a real man is fucking her right. All those nights she comes home late trust and know she is getting railed. Another man is balls deep in your hot lady.

The love of your life is cumming for someone whom isn’t you. Can you blame her? You promised a big dick and brought a tiny clit instead. Some clits can get big but not yours. Not to worry all hope is not lost. Accepting your new roll as a creampie guzzling little dick bitch cuck awaits.


Know your place as a Small Dick Cuck Husband

Small Dick Cuck Husband training starts with accepting the truth. Your cock is pathetic and small. All you can do is watch your wife or girlfriend take another mans cock. It’s ok to cry (or cum) either way no pussy for you!

You might even get off on watching your lady get railed. Seeing how she cum’s better for  him than you. Just imagine jerking off to another man fucking your girl hard. Is he on top like a bull pounding her pussy out? Or does she ride him like a cow girl at a rodeo?


Small Dick Cuck Husband training

Look how happy she is? Finally she is getting fucked by someone who can actually get her off! Either way understand your tiny midget dick is never gracing her pussy walls again. However the good news is You can beat your meat to my voice. You can jerk off to watching or hearing about how hard she got fucked too.

Don’t you want your wife or girlfriend to be happy? Any one can fuck their lady ! It takes a real cuck looser to surrender her pussy to a well hung man who is not you. Now that your not getting any pussy your free to call me. Phone sex is the closest to pussy your ever going to get.


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Fatty Phone Sex

I never hold back during Fatty Phone Sex!

Fatty Phone Sex

Get ready for my Fatty Phone Sex. Your eyes undress me & your hands caress me. You love taking your time. Savoring every curve and roll. Smaller girls just don’t do it for you.  Bigger girls are more fun to play with.


Us bigger girls are so grateful for getting attention. We don’t turn you down & say no like those skinny girls do. Imagine me rubbing my fat pussy while you suck my big fat soft tits! My hungry mouth sucking your cock! Licking your hairy balls with abandon!


Fatty Phone Sex will tempt you!

Fatty Phone Sex has always been a huge temptation for me! My fat puffy cunt loves being filled with my vibrator when we play.  Do you prefer dominant or submissive BBW roleplaying? I will indulge both those desires! I’m an amorous dick addicted fat chick! Horny hot & ready for fun! Lets get down and dirty! Slide your cock into my cum hungry lips & cunt! I’m a kinky fatty ready to play!


Lets get hot & sweaty during Fatty Phone Sex !

Go ahead & indulge in my Fatty Phone Sex. My hot sweaty fat puffy pussy entices your tongue inside. More cushion for the pushing.  I take every inch you have to give. More potatoes for your meat. Consider me your big fat treat! Your in heaven.  Let me be your curvy temptress, your chubby mistress, your fat cum slut.

Take advantage of my Fatty Phone Sex!

Take advantage of every inch of me during Fatty Phone Sex! Work your way up to my big fat engorged tits. Suck on my huge pretty pink nipples. More than a mouthful. I am your plump slut ready & waiting to take your cock. When that skinny bitch says no or has a headache call me. I will be your big fat side chick . The freaky fatty that sucks your dick down to the last drop!

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