BBW Worship Phone Sex

BBW Worship Phone Sex

BBW Worship Phone Sex is for submissive men!

Bow down for BBW Worship Phone Sex! I love taking control of submissive men. My favorite callers are men who live for the pleasure of being my bottom bitch! When you call me I’m the dominate Female and your the subby cuck!


Submit to your superior mistress.

All the BBW Worship Phone Sex I offer has a dominate feel.  Don’t try to tame me I am a real mistress and bow to no one. You can be a sissy faggot fuck in panties I peg. Obey in your pretty pink panties. Present your ass to me to  lick peg and fuck! Become my dirty ass whore!


Know your place during BBW Worship Phone Sex!

Know your place when you call me for BBW Worship Phone Sex! So many of you little dick losers  don’t have enough cock to satisfy me. Your attempts to seduce me over the phone is laughable. I get off on dominating you. Showing you the true power of femdom.


I will turn you into looser dust

Don’t try to own me or put me under your spell during BBW Worship Phone Sex. I will blow you away with my perfection. Losers’  like you don’t have a prayer. Call me to get your wallet milked and hear what a hopeless looser you are. While jerking off your inferior cock to the sound of my hot voice.


BBW Worship Phone Sex for men who love panties and pegging!

BBW Worship Phone Sex can take on many forms. Dressing you in panties and fucking you with my strapon. Bending you over and pegging you like the beta cuck bottom bitch you are! Making you suck my boyfriends dick.


Be prepared to be blown away

Or perhaps I degrade you during BBW Worship Phone Sex. Remind you how much a looser you are in life. How your wife won’t even fuck you. That you’ll never get that raise. How pussy always alludes you. Degrading all your accomplishments. Your writing, Your sports, your art and even your music.


Prepare to be mocked during BBW Worship Phone Sex!

You call me for  humiliation phone sex  to mock your little cock. You whom can’t satisfy a woman with your  tiny pin dick. Or maybe you have a big dick and just have no idea how to use it.

I can fuck your lady better than you

I don’t even have a cock and I could fuck your woman better than you. Satisfying your woman with my fingers and mouth. You can’t even eat pussy right!  That’s why your wife or girl friend no longer lets you eat her out.


You can’t satisfy a woman!

Your girlfriend or wife flirts, sext’s up and fucks other men.  Leaving your dick cold untouched and alone. So you call me and jerk off as I empty your wallet. Begging me to take your unwanted fuck meat into myself. But I’ll just blow you away into looser dust instead.


Worship my BBW Worship Phone Sex!

I’ve seen clits bigger than your cock will ever be. Or perhaps your cocks is just fine but your fucking game is off.  All talk no action . Absolutely no rhythm just games. So lets cut to the chase! Bend over and spread your man pussy for me to fuck.


Ass Eating Phone Sex

Become my little whore!

I’m going to lay you down like a beta bitch and fuck you like a whore. Beg to be my loose phone slave and I will own you. Then my boyfriend will fuck your mouth. Of course you will gurgle his cum like a faggot.


Become my Beta bitch cuck!

After devouring his load and making you blow yours I blow you away. Stomping you into looser dust into the pavement. Blowing your dust into the wind. Of course this turns you on. You long to be blown away like the looser you are. Told how you never had a chance with a goddess like me.


Take my BBW Worship Phone Sex strapon cock!

You’ll love my big fat strapon pegging you. Fucking you deep down inside. Bottom out in your tight ass hole. I want you to buy panties with the cock covered and the back cut out. I don’t even want to look at your tiny little dick.


Devour my BBW Worship Phone Sex cunt!

I want you to devour my cunt ! Eat my pussy until I cum squirt & piss in your mouth. Rim my ass sticking your tongue deep inside my tightest hole! Then I want to bend you over. Fucking  your tight little fuck hole till you cry.

Cheating Incest Phone Sex

Obey your BBW Worship Phone Sex mistress now!

If your truly obedient I might let you jerk off in your sissy panties. Jerking off in the silky lacy fabric. Making your sissy panties all dirty and nasty. Of course you will lick your own jerk off juice out of the crotch because your a freak!


Call me for BBW Worship Phone Sex today!

Embrace it. Bow down and worship my cunt. Then when I don my strapon on your knees to deep throat. Make that dick nice and wet for your tight little ass again during BBW Worship Phone Sex!

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Small Dick Cuck Husband


Small Dick Cuck Husband

Small Dick Cuck Husband Phone Sex!

Are you a Small Dick Cuck Husband? Little dick got you down? Looking for a fat mistress to push you further ? Don’t worry sugar Miss Brenda will put you in your place.  Are you short and stubby? Or do you have a midget dick? Shrimp cock perhaps?

Some of the men who call me are all mushroom. Meaning my thumb casts a shadow on you when your erect.  Don’t try and lie about your size. Miss Brenda will request you measure your dick. Nothing like a ruler to humble you with the truth.

Small Dick Cuck Husband fun

Sometimes a slice of humble pie can be freeing. Now that you’ve accepted your fate your ready for humiliation. Let me level with you buttercup. All those times your wife or girlfriend moaned she was lying.  We both know that one inch wonder of yours ain’t bringing no one to nothing.

She just wanted you to hurry up and cum. Did you really think that your tiny pathetic cock was that special? How in the hell is something that small supposed to get anyone off? I know I’m being mean but you like it don’t you? You want a Fat Mistress to tell you how it is.


Small Dick Humiliation

Now that you’ve accepted the smaller side of things lets take a look at your technique. Your attempts at seduction are laughable. Small Dick Cuck Husband losers’ like you can’t make a woman cum!

Don’t try to lie to yourself that size doesn’t matter because it does. You lack the size and girth to do a vagina any good. When you attempt to slide inside women can’t even feel you. Honey your hung like a mouse, a humming bird or possibly an ant. A bee sting has more effect than your little dick ever would. Your less than an insect.


Small Dick Cuck Husband instruction

It’s ok there there at least you can watch your wife or girlfriend get fucked. At the very least you will know a real man is fucking her right. All those nights she comes home late trust and know she is getting railed. Another man is balls deep in your hot lady.

The love of your life is cumming for someone whom isn’t you. Can you blame her? You promised a big dick and brought a tiny clit instead. Some clits can get big but not yours. Not to worry all hope is not lost. Accepting your new roll as a creampie guzzling little dick bitch cuck awaits.


Know your place as a Small Dick Cuck Husband

Small Dick Cuck Husband training starts with accepting the truth. Your cock is pathetic and small. All you can do is watch your wife or girlfriend take another mans cock. It’s ok to cry (or cum) either way no pussy for you!

You might even get off on watching your lady get railed. Seeing how she cum’s better for  him than you. Just imagine jerking off to another man fucking your girl hard. Is he on top like a bull pounding her pussy out? Or does she ride him like a cow girl at a rodeo?


Small Dick Cuck Husband training

Look how happy she is? Finally she is getting fucked by someone who can actually get her off! Either way understand your tiny midget dick is never gracing her pussy walls again. However the good news is You can beat your meat to my voice. You can jerk off to watching or hearing about how hard she got fucked too.

Don’t you want your wife or girlfriend to be happy? Any one can fuck their lady ! It takes a real cuck looser to surrender her pussy to a well hung man who is not you. Now that your not getting any pussy your free to call me. Phone sex is the closest to pussy your ever going to get.


Call me for Small Dick Cuck Husband fun! Because lets face your not getting pussy tonight!

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Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex


Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex Have you craving MILFS Cougars & Mature babes?

Ready for Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex? I am a dominant, gorgeous, tattooed BBW phone sex cougar! My name is Amanda and my round curves, sultry voice & kinkyVoluptuous Cougar Phone Sex mind is addictive!  As a cuckold wife My husband knows he can’t fully placate me.

Cuckold cougar mistresses like me need young hard bull cocks that can pump for hours! Smaller dicks that can only last a few minutes can’t really get me off. However there are other ways cucks like you & my husband can serve me.

I will put your mouth to good work. Sucking my toes & licking my perfect cunt & ass! Feeding you my creampie pussy and ass after I am freshly fucked. Telling you all about how that bigger younger bull cock really rocked my world.


I tease & please during Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex!

I am always teasing my neighbors and everyone I meet. Between the eager waiters  & bar tenders at the cafe’s & clubs I frequent, to salesmen who assist me at my favorite stores. College boys also make for a fun Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex pursuit. Whenever I am in my husbands law office I am sure to seduce his interns as well.

All those young wannabe legal interns and paralegals want a shot at fucking their bosses wife. Keeping my husbands private office ever busy entertaining my newest flavor of the week. Don’t think my husband doesn’t know. My cuck husband gets off on hearing all my dirty deeds. Sometimes even helping me hunt down vulnerable young bulls to seduce.


Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex for me men who crave fat pussy!

My fat pussy is like a flower dripping with honey. Every man I meet is a hungry bee begging for some nectar. Of course you want to entertain my hungry married cunt. Licking my chubby pussy & fat ass with your eager tongue. But lets face it size matters. I only let cocks that can reach the belly button go to pound town. Little shriveled cocks that barely reach the half way point just won’t do.

So before you even consider fucking my perfect pussy best let the ruler determine your worth. Anything below 8 inches makes you a cuck while anything above makes you a bull. For those with 10+ consider yourself an alpha male. Only Alpha males can make me submissive. Everyone serves me one way or another.


Cucks love to serve me during Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex!

Cucks serve on their knees while Bulls get ridden. Only Alphas can bend me over and take all my holes. I admit I’m a bit of a size queen. I love my fuck meat light and dark. I’m an equal opportunity slut. When your ready for Voluptuous Cougar Phone Sex call me!

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