Big Tits Phone Sex

 Big Tits Phone Sex

 Big Tits Phone Sex was on your mind! You looked me up and down from my plump breasts to my shapely ass. My long legs look good with these stilettos on as I make my way to the bar. I order a jack and coke before we go up to your hotel room. You love watching my Big Tits bounce. You knew I was down to fuck when you came to my table. I am a total slut and a complete bimbo. Between my low cut cum fuck me blouse and my short slutty skirt you knew I was down for dick!

You push me against the door once we get inside. Making your desire for Big Tits Phone Sex known as you lock the door. Taking my face in your hands as you devour my plump pink lips you push up against me. Pushing your tongue into my mouth as you tease my mouth and taste me. You push your knee between my legs and spread my thighs. Lifting my short dress up as your other hand slides around my back when you grab my ass.

Pressing your body against me, I can feel your fat hard cock  against my thigh. Sliding against my panties as you throb, hungry for my wet chubby pussy. I let out a moan as you slide my panties down. Becoming impatient you rip my dress open and it falls to shreds on the flour. You push me down and get on top of me. Spreading my thick  legs wide as you force my thighs apart. You tell me how you love thick bitches!

I am so hot and wet as you slide your big dick in. My legs on your shoulders as you pound my fat pussy like a piston. Hammering my juicy fat cunt in and out as you suck on my nipples during Big Tits Phone Sex. Then once your cock is nice and wet with my pussy juice you slide your dick between my big tits. You pull me to my knees as you sit in the arm chair in front of me. You place your big dick between my tits and push them together. Demanding I work my tits up and down on your cock until you cum.

You shoot your load all over my face while telling me what a slutty blonde bimbo I am. Shooting big strings of cum all over me until your balls are drained. Laughing as the cum gets in my eyes and hair. Slapping me in the face with your dick and rubbing your balls all over my fore head. Telling me what a dirty fat slut I am for fucking on the first date. Before you go you bend me over and pump my ass full of your cock. Shooting your load deep between my cheeks. Leaving me on the floor a complete mess after you fucked the hell out of me. Just a typical night for a blonde bimbo with big tits.

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