Small Dick Cuck Husband


Small Dick Cuck Husband

Small Dick Cuck Husband Phone Sex!

Are you a Small Dick Cuck Husband? Little dick got you down? Looking for a fat mistress to push you further ? Don’t worry sugar Miss Brenda will put you in your place.  Are you short and stubby? Or do you have a midget dick? Shrimp cock perhaps?

Some of the men who call me are all mushroom. Meaning my thumb casts a shadow on you when your erect.  Don’t try and lie about your size. Miss Brenda will request you measure your dick. Nothing like a ruler to humble you with the truth.

Small Dick Cuck Husband fun

Sometimes a slice of humble pie can be freeing. Now that you’ve accepted your fate your ready for humiliation. Let me level with you buttercup. All those times your wife or girlfriend moaned she was lying.  We both know that one inch wonder of yours ain’t bringing no one to nothing.

She just wanted you to hurry up and cum. Did you really think that your tiny pathetic cock was that special? How in the hell is something that small supposed to get anyone off? I know I’m being mean but you like it don’t you? You want a Fat Mistress to tell you how it is.


Small Dick Humiliation

Now that you’ve accepted the smaller side of things lets take a look at your technique. Your attempts at seduction are laughable. Small Dick Cuck Husband losers’ like you can’t make a woman cum!

Don’t try to lie to yourself that size doesn’t matter because it does. You lack the size and girth to do a vagina any good. When you attempt to slide inside women can’t even feel you. Honey your hung like a mouse, a humming bird or possibly an ant. A bee sting has more effect than your little dick ever would. Your less than an insect.


Small Dick Cuck Husband instruction

It’s ok there there at least you can watch your wife or girlfriend get fucked. At the very least you will know a real man is fucking her right. All those nights she comes home late trust and know she is getting railed. Another man is balls deep in your hot lady.

The love of your life is cumming for someone whom isn’t you. Can you blame her? You promised a big dick and brought a tiny clit instead. Some clits can get big but not yours. Not to worry all hope is not lost. Accepting your new roll as a creampie guzzling little dick bitch cuck awaits.


Know your place as a Small Dick Cuck Husband

Small Dick Cuck Husband training starts with accepting the truth. Your cock is pathetic and small. All you can do is watch your wife or girlfriend take another mans cock. It’s ok to cry (or cum) either way no pussy for you!

You might even get off on watching your lady get railed. Seeing how she cum’s better for  him than you. Just imagine jerking off to another man fucking your girl hard. Is he on top like a bull pounding her pussy out? Or does she ride him like a cow girl at a rodeo?


Small Dick Cuck Husband training

Look how happy she is? Finally she is getting fucked by someone who can actually get her off! Either way understand your tiny midget dick is never gracing her pussy walls again. However the good news is You can beat your meat to my voice. You can jerk off to watching or hearing about how hard she got fucked too.

Don’t you want your wife or girlfriend to be happy? Any one can fuck their lady ! It takes a real cuck looser to surrender her pussy to a well hung man who is not you. Now that your not getting any pussy your free to call me. Phone sex is the closest to pussy your ever going to get.


Call me for Small Dick Cuck Husband fun! Because lets face your not getting pussy tonight!

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