Prostitute Fantasy Roleplay


Prostitute Fantasy RoleplayProstitute Fantasy Roleplay Fun

Our Prostitute Fantasy Roleplay starts out with Traveling abroad. I get stranded by my tour group. A hot American BBW all alone on the dark desolate streets. Desperate for a place to stay I panic.

I knock on door after door begging  for help. I am a stranded American and I’m not sure where I am. Finally a nice home opens to me and offers me a drink. Those inside were so kind to me. I never suspected they might have sinister intentions.


Prostitute Fantasy Roleplay leaves me vulnerable.

Before I can make my phone call I feel very sleepy. I wake up on my knees chained to a wall. My mouth open pressed against a hole. As I come to I realize random cocks are being forced down my throat. Forced to deepthroat dick after dick.

I am forced for what feels like hours chained to a glory hole. Sucking cock after strange cock against my will. My belly completely full of cum. Being used during our Prostitute Fantasy Roleplay like a dirty whore.


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Someone comes in and places a cloth over my face. I get sleepy and pass out again. When I wake up I am tied bent over on a weight bench. Completely naked my ass propped up and legs spread. Bent over in the doggy style position. Completely unable to move from my position.

As I come to I feel myself being fucked by a long hard cock. I smell the scent of my pussy and cock and cum. The musky perfume of sex and sweat. I can hear many voices. Many sets of feet coming into the room. A big lock being fastened as a heavy door cloths.


Prostitute Fantasy Roleplay & sex slave phone sex.

I feel big hands holding on to my hips still. Large fingers feeling inside my ass and pussy. Filling both my pussy and ass with lubricant. Excited voices and the sound of zippers being undone.

Then I feel  my pussy being spread wide open. A thick long fat dick sliding in. I try to  get away but there is no where i can go. Helpless as this strange man fucks my pussy hard and deep. His sweaty body on top of mine. His excitement as he empties his load inside of me.


I am completely at your mercy.

During Prostitute Fantasy Roleplay My tightest fuck hole is demanded. They want to fuck my ass  but can’t. I here someone unseen say that is not included. “Not included” I think?

That stranger leaves and another stranger enters. I feel a larger set of hands upon my hips. An even bigger dick is fucking me slow and deep. I feel my pussy filled to the brim once again.


I enjoy Prostitute Fantasy Roleplay.

My juicy pussy accepts yet another cock. This cock fucks my pussy again. More men pile in and fill the room. Dick after dick fucks me hard.  I try to speak but I am ball gagged.

I feel the ball gag removed as a cock enters my mouth. Big juicy thick meaty cock sliding in and out. I get lost in a wave of pleasure. Endless cocks filling me and fucking my insatiable cunt. Against my own will and intention I begin to orgasm.


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I am so turned on from being fucked for hours my body betrays itself. My juicy cunt dripping with cum. I hear someone come in with a cart. They wipe my pussy off with a rag and proceed to pop the floor.

This time when I hear the room fill I am excited. More men with big dicks enter and fuck me for hours. Every one of my holes filled to the brim this time. After several weeks of being used this way my captor reveals himself.


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Our Prostitute Fantasy Roleplay can take us anywhere. Your can roleplay as the owner when we play. Or are you one of the men who fucks me against my will? You could be the cleanup guy that watches.

Instead of wiping me down you devour my creampie like a dirty freak. Only to fuck my pussy yourself.  Lingering to watch the show. Edging yourself while I get fucked by a number of men. Waiting patiently to eat my creampie.


Call me for Prostitute Fantasy Roleplay

You make me host all your gangbang parties. Fucking all your rich clients. Dangling the carrot of freedom over my head. I will do anything to regain my freedom. Or do i intentionally allow myself to remain?

Now addicted to all the many cocks that fuck me to orgasm. Having grown a taste for Prostitute Fantasy Roleplay phone sex. I know one man will never be enough. I need endless dicks to keep my juicy holes warm. Call me when your ready to play.

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