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I couldn’t believe it when you said you wanted Mother Son Period Play Phone Sex. In this fantasy You asked mommy to get a hotel room just the two of us. You laid mommy on the bed and pulled her tampon out. Licking her period pussy with your tongue. Then you put a clean tampon in my wet juicy cunt & fucked me with it. Once my cum was all over my tampon you had me slide it into your ass. Mommy then massaged your prostate with the tampon.

You got so hard for Mother Son Period Play Phone Sex. Your such a kinky boy! You love how swollen and horny mommy gets on her period. It reminds you of when I was pregnant and I would masturbate all the time. You could hear my sweet moans from your bedroom wall. You told me how you used to jerk off as you listened to me fuck my pregnant cunt. You dream about impregnating me too.

Now’s your chance to put a baby in mommy. Fill my swollen period pussy up with your big dick during Mother Son Period Play Phone Sex. pumping mommy’s cunt hard and deep until your thick cream seed is dripping out the sides. Then like the kinky boy you are you lick mommy’s period cum filled creampie cunt out. Who am I to deny your desires. Mommy gets so horny during her period. Its ok you can do whatever you want to mommy! Daddy never has to know all the kinky fun we have! It’s our little secret.

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