Giantess Fantasy

Don’t be scared of my Giantess Fantasy phone sex. I have a soft spot for little men who dare to explore my world.  I can’t feel your little cock as you try to rub it up against my ankle. Your microscopic penis feels like a soft tooth pick poking my skin. I laugh at your persistence. You look frustrated little man. You want to fuck your Giantess Goddess But your as tiny as a flea. I could step on you and flatten you like a pan cake. Smash you into dust.

In Giantess Phone Sex I grow so tall you look like a horny dwarf at my feet. I could pick you up and eat you if I wanted. You are totally helpless. I can  do what ever I wish with you little man. I am so tall I make you feel like a tiny little ant beneath my toes. You wave your arms begging for my attention. Amused I pick you up and place you on my nipple.  My nipple is bigger than your whole body. You are so tiny you can’t even get your mouth around my big fat huge giant tit. Lick my nipple little man lick it good. If you don’t please me I might just get hungry and swallow you whole.

Giantess Fantasy

Giantess Fantasy

I could squeeze you between my fingers. But in my Giantess Fantasy I think I will slide you into my fat wet pussy instead. Leaving you to swim around inside my big Giantess cunt as you search for my G-Spot. When you find my G-Spot you rub your tiny microscopic penis against it until I cum. When I cum my entire cunt canal floods like the river Nile. You get swept up in the flood. Struggling  to stay afloat you swim to my humongous clitoris. 

You found my Clit what  a good little worker bee you are. Now rub my joy button like a magic lamp until I squirt my Giantess love honey all over you. You get so excited your tiny little dick gets hard again. You stick your microscopic dick in the tiny hole of the center of my clit and fuck it like a pussy. You tiny ant sized dick cums hard inside my clit hole.  Hard and fast  your persistent needling makes your Giantess cum. Your entire tiny body covered in my fuck juice

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